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Leadership guru Orrin Woodward invites leaders to build other leaders

“You can tell the size of the #leader by the size of the leaders  he has around him. Good leaders have good followers, but great leaders have great leaders around them.”, leadership guru Orrin Woodward wrote in a recent post on his blog .

When the right people are on the bus, as Jim Collins would say, then it’s just a matter of determining which direction the leadership team desires to go. Indeed, what is so great, yet at the same time challenging, in today’s economy is that technology keeps changing the rules of the game. Nonetheless, the best leadership team will adjust the quickest and win in today’s marketplace. Here is a video on #leadership that Orrin Woodward  did at a recent  #LIFE Open meeting.



One response to “Leadership guru Orrin Woodward invites leaders to build other leaders”

  1. Orrin Woodward Avatar

    Roosevelt, Great articles you have been writing. Can you add backlinks to the original articles or to their blogs when you refer to the leaders. I will do the same when I refer to your blog. Keep up the great work! thanks, Orrin

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