The YouEconomy: Stop being only a consumer and start being an owner!

I just read this morning a very important report on the YouEconomy to be published in the next issue of Success Magazine. I invite you to dig deeper and to join this global movement that is revolutionizing how we live, work, and play.

rjf-1Here are some notes I took from this special report released online by Success Magazine: Introducing to the YouEconomy. 

The YouEconomy is the growing global network of people who are taking the future of work into their own hands.

Folks in the YouEconomy are applying their experience in new ways, learning new skills and tapping into endless resources for training and support. They’re designing their lives, carving out time for family and building professions based on their passions. Along the way, the friends they’re making, people they’re meeting and places they’re seeing are enriching their lives beyond what they thought was possible.

The YouEconomy is an umbrella over a handful of movements with disparate labels. Parts of it, along with other developments toward economic freedom and flexibility, have been referred to as the sharing economy, on-demand economy, gig economy and freelance economy.

The YouEconomy encompasses all ages, ethnic backgrounds and education levels.

As diverse as the people in the YouEconomy are, they generally have three things in common:

– They have more control over how they spend their time than the average employee.
– They have more control over their income than the average employee.
– They are actively learning and exploring new ways of creating prosperity.

If you recognize your dream in this list, that’s good news. The YouEconomy offered hope and happiness.

Create. Innovation is at the heart of the YouEconomy. ¨we’re living in a world where people can become businesses in 60 seconds.”

How in the world do you start?

  • First, evaluate your potential.
  • Consider your passion.
  • Evaluate your skill set.

Your next step is to click on this link – Introducing to the YouEconomy-  and read, re-read, re-reread this special report, take your own notes, share and engage in conversations with your friends, fans, and family.

Enjoy your learning experience and share,




Leadership, Ethics, and Money Production

New York Times bestselling author of And Justice For All, and  Guinness World Record Holder for largest book signing ever, Orrin Woodward,  just released a blog post on  the Cobden Centre’s Andy Duncan reviewing  Jorg Guido Hulsmann’s book The Ethics of Money Production.

In Woodward’s opinion, the number one battle for freedom begins with checking the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) destruction of the monetary system by the State elites.

“What is the point in checking government through representative government, separation of powers, term limits if the government can have access to practically unlimited funds?”, he asked.

ajfa-bookOrrin Woodward’s book And Justice For All spells out how the elites plunder the production of society. Since Adam Smith and Jean Baptiste Say, economists have recognized the 3 factors of all production – labor, land, and capital. The elites have plundered all three factors of production.

“The central planning of the financial system is inconceivable, illogical, and inconsistent since its underlying presuppositions run counter to our alleged free market system,” Woodward said.

Thomas Jefferson, in 1816, from his Monticello estate, was calling the attention of Colonel Charles Yancey, on “…deluded citizens… clamoring for more banks, more banks… We are under the bank bubble …, and as every nation is liable to be, under whatever bubble, design, or delusion may puff up in moments when off their guard.”

Jefferson added in this letter his famously known quote: ” If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

“The functionaries of every government have propensities to command at will the liberty and property of their constituents.  There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves ;  nor can they be safe with them without information.  Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe.” (Thomas Jefferson letter to Colonel Charles Yancey).

I am glad to be part of the Life Leadership Compensated Community led by Orrin Woodward who has authored and co-authored  multiple books and sold millions of them in the quest to lead people to the truth.

One of my hero, as I told a group I was speaking to last week-end, in Maryland, is Dutty Francois (Bookman). He started with book reading, and  led the haitian slaves rebellion against their masters in 1791 which culminated to Independence in 1804. Yes, Haitians were  free, but remained largely ignorant with a mass of slaves who did not know how to read.

Fortunately, we can invest the time to read and understand today. And, LIFE Leadership intends to play its part in educating society in the 8F’s of life to play its part in the restoration of liberty.


God bless,


Below is a portion of Andy Duncan’s review.


The book is divided into three beautifully-written main parts:

  • The Natural Production of Money
  • Inflation
  • Monetary Order and Monetary Systems

These three parts cover everything you might think of, from the invention of metallic money all the way through to the end of Bretton-Woods and then the later creation of the Euro.  However, the heart of the book is a sequence of four chapters — in the second part of the book on Inflation —with two of these chapter titles, alas, unfortunately insisting on the use of American spellings and the appalling employment of the letter ‘zed’; the chapter content, however, is still very good, even if has fallen under the unwelcome control of an American spell-checker:

  • Legalized Falsifications
  • Legal Monopolies
  • Legal-Tender Laws
  • Legalized Suspensions of Payments

When you are the elite organisation calling yourself ‘The State’, you have a monopoly on law in a particular territory; it is with this power that you can subvert and distort the natural order of private property, thus leading to the impoverishment and helotry of everyone else within that territory, under your rule, even leading to the ridiculous notion that any debt this elite runs up — to maintain their position of privilege — is somehow ‘owed’ by the subjugated population, despite no-one ever asking their opinion about whether this debt should have been taken on by the elite and despite all the benefits of the spending of that debt going directly into the grasping hands of that same privileged elite.

The whole problem with money is the state’s imposition of legal privileges for bankers, given to bankers in return for the promise that they will always soak up the debts of politicians, to enable politicians to enslave their populations over time in a Procrustean bed of warfare and welfare, to the ultimate benefit of the politicians and their friends, and to the detriment of everyone else.

These chapters make clear how that mechanism of monetary enslavement operates, and therefore how we can break that mechanism and become free again from the appalling bondage of government bonds. It is with the removal of these legal privileges and a restoration of the natural order of private property rights that we will be able to put the wheels back on the cart, get moving again, and put the politicians back in their place,




Leadership: the next revolution to stop the decline and start a 180 degrees turnaround in Haiti

I enjoy reading several books at once. I let my internal feeling guide me to which one should I pick  at specific moments. A biography is ongoing must. I enjoyed learning from great minds and accomplishers both alive and dead, national and international. The great source of learning is universal, it has no boundary, no time constraint.

And for these days, I’m all in Napoleon Bonaparte’s life. I’m reading Vincent Cronin’s Napoleon Bonaparte, an intimate biography.

I just re-read for a second time Florence Littaeur’s Personality Plus, how to understand others by understanding yourself. And I’m halfway Orrin Woodward’s And Justice for All, a quest for concord. An amazing book for which New York Times best selling author Orrin Woodward holds the Guinness book record having signed on one spot more than 6000 books last June in Columbus, Ohio.

I am blessed to be part of The Life Leadership compensated community led by Orrin Woodward, and I am glad to have been in his book signing moment which is part of history.

I’m studying Woodward’s Leadershift Five Laws of Decline (FLD), Six Duties of Society (SDS), and Pendulum of Power (PP) theory, and to apply them to my native country Haiti. This will lead to my new book. How to have a turnaround, a180 degrees shift in Haiti, by understanding the FLD, and by applying the SDS.

My studies start with history. The more I read history the more I understand we don’t learn from history.  Philosopher George Santayana is known for his famous saying, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

Haiti’s story is not inspiring. The elite’s greed,  the masses’ ignorance and the middle class’ s neglect give control to state power and atrophy our social power. Our state is totally dependent and most of the time a parasite. We choose plunder over responsibility of creative work. We have become a society addicted to various kinds of plunder.

Government spending consistently increases. As long as our system encourages various types of plunder rather than making work the easiest way to succeed, we’ll continue to decline.

In their New York Times best selling book LeaderShift, co-authors Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille call for American Social Power to finally stand up and lead.

The leadership revolution should also be a call for Haitians to finally stand up and stop the decline in our Society, and lead our turnaround to a complete 180 degrees shift.

Woodward and DeMille said it best: ¨We need a nation of citizens who are leaders” to get out of the “coma of complacency”.

Woodward coined his first law of decline  as Sturgeon law (For specifics read Leadershift). This concept is crucial in helping Haiti turn around. 90% of the alleged leaders are producing cruddy results. Understanding Sturgeon’s law helps us study the leadership teams honestly and not be fooled by the endless talking with no results. “When all is said and done, much more is said than ever done.The 10% percent walk while while the 90% talk”, Woodward & DeMille said in their Leadershift book.

One of our first tasks in Haiti’s turnaround is to develop a scoreboard that helps separate the 10% from the 90%. Who are the 10%? And how can we find them? “Only hard-core results reveal the truth”, Woodward said.

As stated in the Leadershift book “10% of the people are going to lead the nation and take it in whatever direction they end up choosing. So we’ve got to find a way to get the right 10% of the population leading our nation.”

As I said, my studies start with history. reading Napoleon’s biography helps me better understand what the haitian founders had to face to frame their freedom revolution and start a nation. This nation is in decline and we need a new revolution. This will be the leadership revolution.

God bless,


Ban Baldanza, Spirit Airlines ‘ CEO, talks about business and leadership

I attended a recent lecture presented by Spirit Airlines President and CEO Ben Baldanza at the Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova SouthEastern University in Davie, Florida.

Roosevelt Jean-Francois and Ben Baldanza at Nova University
Roosevelt Jean-Francois and Ben Baldanza at Nova University
Baldanza shared his business acumen and day to day experience at Spirit Airlines with hungry listeners composed mostly with Nova business students and professors, some Spirit Airlines employees, and a few guests including myself.
Preston Jones, D.B.A. (doctorate in business administration), dean of Nova Southeastern  University called Baldanza ¨Professor, Professor Baldanza¨ because he  was eloquent, fluent, inspiring, and expressive on a various of topics including culture, business, leadership, strategy, and education.
His prepared power-point presentation included content, data, and pictures about Spirit Airlines which, he said, is one of the leading ultra low-cost carriers in the United States.
Headquartered in Miramar, Florida. Spirit operates scheduled flights throughout the U.S. as well as Latin America, the Caribbean, and Haiti where I’m originally from.
I travel regularly back and forth to Haiti and the Caribbean for my consulting and leadership education business. And most of the time, Spirit Air is my carrier. It fits well my needs.
I buy my tickets on line, preferably 15-22 days in advance searching the least cost as possible. I travel light with my heavy backpack, no carry on, no bag unless my wife urges me to bring stuff to our loved ones back home and to come here with her homeland food. I make sure I pay online and I always have some empty space in my backpack in case of my bag is over 40 pounds.
But, every time I’m at the Fort-Lauderdale counter airport for an early flight to Port-au-Prince, it’s always a nightmare.  A very difficult situation to see some old Haitian ladies and sometimes some younger men as well who only speak Creole to be in emotional discussions with cool headed Spirit Air ticketing agents who only speak English pleading for fees for an unchecked carry on, or a bag which would go up to U$100 a piece.

I asked Baldanza an open question about his company diversity culture in general and Haitian Creole cultural competence in particular, he responded  that there are upcoming initiatives to educate his customers, including Haitians, at the counter about the services. He also mentioned that Spirit ‘s presence on the market has brought more competitive choices for Haitians to travel.
I totally agree with this. This is good. Nonetheless, I’ll be more confortable to see ¨Professor, Professor Baldanza”, and Spirit Airlines move “from good to great”, by providing culturally competent and related educational customer services to the Haitian community.
This  will be coming, he said, announcing some marketing initiatives.  That’s some good news  and I’ll witness it with my very next trip back to Haiti.
Roosevelt Jean-Francois

Florida Centurions having fun through Life Leadership conversations, & Club 180 bonding!

I love Life Leadership and the compensated community we are building around it. We are a FUN Club, making money, striving for excellence, bonding together to make a difference, and helping people to live the life they’ve always wanted. We market information around 8F’s: Faith, Family, Finance, Friends, Freedom, Fitness, Following, and Fun. And we are excited about it. Fired up!


Club 180 party
Club 180 partWe just had our very first Club 180 party in Fort-Lauderdale Florida. It was fun, inspiring.


It was fun to have what best author Orrin Woodward called “Great conversations”. It was also inspiring to  listen to some stories our friends were telling to themselves.

We shared some jokes, and humorous stories about ourselves eating Chinese and Spanish omelettes, pancakes, coffee, juice etc… Good food. very good food.

But, the food I loved the most, in our breakfast Club 180 party, this morning was some “food for thought”. It was moving from “good to great”.

Luc & Nathalie, Centurions power players, casted  the vision to have South East Florida, and its affiliated regions on the Life Leadership map.

I was amazed to see Yolaine and Jon driving more than 2 hours from Fort-Myers to Fort Lauderdale. She told us “I wanted to be with you. And I do not regret to do it”.

Yolaine also said that “people at work complimented me for my upbeat  attitude. The information made a difference. I am more patient, I feel less stressed”.

Linda was not happy with her husband Frank prior to the meeting. “I know we were going to church, and he decided to come here without telling me. I was unhappy. But, now I feel a lot better listening to you. What you do, putting people together in our community matters”, said Linda with a “sorry honey” to her husband who replied with a big smile.

It was a great joy listening to Luna about her learning experience through the CD’s and the open meetings.”I thought I would be by myself, I discover I have a new family. I like it”, she said.

Smith was also outstanding about the compensated model and the message we are sharing. “I feel more confident, I gave out Cd’s, and I like when people are calling me for more, and I invite them to have their owns”, Smith said.

Jon is reading  RASCAL from best selling author Chris Brady. He told us :”I want to make a difference by becoming an original character”.

We left with some goals, some commitments to build our Open Meeting numbers in Fort-Lauderdale . We also dream to have Fort-Lauderdale on the monthly Live Life Event map, and to reach thousands and thousands of people in SouthEast Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin-America.

I enjoyed the moment building and bonding with our friends in our  Life leadership compensated community. This is definitely our “best shot to live the life we’ve always wanted”.

We are Centurions. We lead from the front.

God bless,






Leadership, freedom, and prosperity: a video from the MISES University to understand money, banking, and the federal system

I just watched this video production on money, banking, and the federal reserve. This content is from the Austrian Economics School which I consider as the most important school of thought on economics, and the spread of freedom.

Roosevelt Jean-Francois

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson understood “The Monster”. But to most Americans today, “Federal Reserve” is just a name on the dollar bill. They have no idea of what the central bank does to the economy, or to their own economic lives; of how and why it was founded and operates; or of the sound money and banking that could end the statism, inflation, and business cycles that the Fed generates.

Dedicated to Murray N. Rothbard, steeped in American history and Austrian economics, and featuring Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe, and Lew Rockwell, this extraordinary documentary is the clearest, most compelling explanation ever offered of the Fed, and why curbing it must be our first priority.

Alan Greenspan was not, we’re told, happy about this 1996 blockbuster. Watch it, and you’ll understand why. This is economics and history as they are meant to be: fascinating, informative, and motivating. This movie could change America.


Being a NEW Power Player in the Life Business and be part of the Centurion compensated community

I had #FUN last Saturday at the #LIFE Seminar in Punta Gorda, Florida, crossing the stage as a New Brand Power Player. The success is in the journey but also the feeling is in the peer recognition.

Thanks to PC leadership guru Orrin Woodward and Roudtable leaders Jerry & Polly Harteis, and all support TEAM with the Hendons, the Raphaels, the Delpes…

We are The Centurions TRIBE en route to one million. Let me share with you my Power Player Recognition  moment.