#Leadership, #friendship, and #relationships: Conversation with @orrrinwoodward, @tonycannuli,@chrismattis on #HBRN radio.

What is friendship? What’s the difference between friendship and acquaintances? Why friendship matters?

Orrin Woodward and Tony Cannuli host HBRN’s Leadership Factory with special guest Chris Mattis. The three leaders dive into the subject of friendship and how tight relationships are formed and kept. Anyone who works with people will benefit greatly from this Leadership Factory. Indeed, Chris Mattis is one of the greatest encouragers in the community building field and the viewers will see why.

Have fun watching, and listening this conversation.


Being a NEW Power Player in the Life Business and be part of the Centurion compensated community

I had #FUN last Saturday at the #LIFE Seminar in Punta Gorda, Florida, crossing the stage as a New Brand Power Player. The success is in the journey but also the feeling is in the peer recognition.

Thanks to PC leadership guru Orrin Woodward and Roudtable leaders Jerry & Polly Harteis, and all support TEAM with the Hendons, the Raphaels, the Delpes…

We are The Centurions TRIBE en route to one million. Let me share with you my Power Player Recognition  moment.

Leadership guru Orrin Woodward invites leaders to build other leaders

“You can tell the size of the #leader by the size of the leaders  he has around him. Good leaders have good followers, but great leaders have great leaders around them.”, leadership guru Orrin Woodward wrote in a recent post on his blog .

When the right people are on the bus, as Jim Collins would say, then it’s just a matter of determining which direction the leadership team desires to go. Indeed, what is so great, yet at the same time challenging, in today’s economy is that technology keeps changing the rules of the game. Nonetheless, the best leadership team will adjust the quickest and win in today’s marketplace. Here is a video on #leadership that Orrin Woodward  did at a recent  #LIFE Open meeting.

For your personal leadership self-development, Take the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge

The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) is here, and it is an adventure like no other. I challenge you to challenge yourself  by taking the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge.

Developed by seven of the country’s top leadership gurus, nationally acclaimed speakers, and personal transformation experts, with NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady leading the way (visit their highly acclaimed blogs here: (http://orrinwoodwardblog.com and www.chrisbrady.com ), this program will awaken your mind and change your life.

The MFC is a rare, comprehensive personal development program that provides you with the opportunity to “Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

Consisting of a variety of new materials combined with updates of materials that have proven timeless and effective year after year, the MFC format is presented as three modules – one for each month – that are packaged in stylish, protective casing. The MFC is strategically and effectively designed to exercise your mind and teach you success thinking in the thirteen aspects of life covered in Orrin Woodward’s book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. For 90 days, a mere three months of your life, you have the chance to make an investment in yourself that offers a lifetime of returns.

Participating in a challenge or boot camp is usually done with the goal of losing weight, toning one’s body, and/or building muscle. In the bigger picture, it’s about feeling good and gaining a sense of accomplishment. These programs are great, and we highly recommend them to anyone; however, the one failing component of these programs is that they are temporary. Once the typical challenge or boot camp ends, you’re on your own—an invisible but powerful sensation. For some, the challenge may be the spark that leads to a life changed forever. However, for the vast majority, it was an undertaking that required all the motivation they could muster just to make it through, so continuing to follow the program is highly unlikely.

We invite you to take a 90-Day Challenge that never ends. Sure, the Challenge itself will only take 90 days to complete, but unlike a new diet or exercise boot camp, the transformation achieved is permanent. The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) will certainly require work, dedication, and persistence. We do not promise instant results or miracles of any kind. But we do promise that if you faithfully follow the program, your thought process will be renewed.

This program is a journey for the heart and an awakening for the mind. Shortly after beginning the MFC, you will start to see yourself in a new light and will approach life differently. The founders of the MFC have mentored thousands of men, women, entrepreneurs and couples and have witnessed the amazing potency of these materials.

Consider this: What did your life look like 90 days ago? One hundred eighty days ago? A year ago? Notwithstanding life changes involving loved ones, jobs, or homes, how does your life look today compared to then? Now, ask yourself this: How COULD your life look 90 days from now? Imagine the possibilities, and then take the Challenge and find out! For every failing marriage, frustrated parent, hopeless addict, bankrupt home, or faith-starved man or woman, the MFC has the capacity to teach, motivate, and assist one with implementing the necessary changes in the right areas of life, the impact of which will last a lifetime.

Visit:  www.mental-fitness-challenge.com

Team Leader Orrin Woodward: Top Leadership Award 2011 from the International Association of Business

I’m proud to be part of Orrin Woodward’s leadership team. I mentioned his ideas several times on my book http://www.leadershipsurlevif.com.

.The leadership results are in. 2012 is starting off with a bang for Orrin Woodward and his community. Mr. Woodward was just awarded one of the top leadership awards in the world for 2011. The Top 10 finalist competing for the award is a veritable “Who’s Who” list in the field of leadership. The IAB, using numerous criteria to separate the contenders, awarded Orrin as its Top Leader for 2011! Here are the background details on this coveted award:

Who is the International Association of Business (IAB)?

The IAB is a million plus member nonprofit organization, helping American small businesses start, grow and effectively create jobs in the US. President Shane Madigan shares the vision of the IAB:

“This is the dawn of a new generation in America. It is a time of tremendous growth, innovation and communication of American entrepreneurs and the Association. For nearly three decades, IAB has created and navigated innovative solutions that provide basic protections for small business owners, the self employed and their families. The innovation, vision and leadership of our founder, Mr. James C. Wood, is unprecedented. Mr. Wood has redefined innovation in the Association industry. IAB remains a center of education and access to membership benefits that helps independent business owners and the self employed prosper with abundance in this new age of entrepreneurship.”

What is the IAB Leadership Award?

As part of this innovation, the IAB presents its Small Business Awards, recognizing and awarding businesses who achieve both qualitative and quantitative results in their organization. There are ten separate awards presented each year with the Leadership Award being the highest reconition given among the 10 categories.

What is the criteria for receiving the Leadership Award?

According to the IAB site, the Leadership Award, “. . . applies to ones own leadership principles and how they help develop and influence successful leaders throughout American businesses. The criteria for the IAB Awards winners includes:

– Originality of ideas

– Practicality of ideas

– Presentation style

– Testimonials

– Impact of ideas

– Quality of web content, publications and writings

– Ranking of website in America”

Who were the contenders for the 2011 Leadership Award?

http://www.jimcollins.com : Jim Collins

http://www.giantimpact.com : John Maxwell

http://www.stephencovey.com : Stephen Covey

http://www.kenblanchard.com : Ken Blanchard

http://www.robinsharma.com : Robin Sharma

http://www.marshallgoldsmith.com : Marshall Goldsmith

http://www.tompeters.com : Tom Peters

http://www.tonyrobbins.com : Anthony Robbins

http://www.straightfromthegut.com : Jack Welch

http://www.orrinwoodward.com : Orrin Woodward

Who is the 2011 Top Leadership Award Winner?

Although everyone of the Top 10 finalists is a winner, only one can receive the prize. The 2011 Top Leadership Award was presented to Orrin Woodward – Founder of two multi-million dollar leadership companies – LIFE and TEAM.

Orrin is a New York Times Best-Selling Co-Author of Launching a Leadership Revolution, Top Leadership Blogger, and recognized Leadership Guru. His first solo book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE was released in 2011 and is achieving international acclaim for its character-centered leadership resolutons.

Congratulations to Orrin Woodward and his entire leadership team for raising the bar in the field of leadership!

Hard work and Smart work!

I had an opportunity to listen to leadership guru Chris Brady, co-author with Orrin Woodward of the best seller book: Launching a leadership revolution. His main topic was about hard work and smart work and how to face obstacles and challenges in journeying towards your vision.

You and I will always have to work hard if we want to accomplish something. But we need to make sure we’re working hard at something that really works.

Being busy is not enough. Even ants are being. We have to make sure we’re busy at something that is significant and worthy of our most precious asset which is our time.

Brady mentioned Ronald Reagan who was very effective as an old president. He had a systematic way to move toward his goal. His motto was : Be sure of what your main things are and surround yourself with people who can do what they have called to do.

Brady also mentioned his business partner Orrin Woodward who has a systematic way to keep his focus under pressure and chaotic moments. Woodward always thinks about the big picture, to go beyond the present moment and to make sure good times always follow bad times.

What Brady teaches in this address is for us to understand that there’s always a smart way to do what we do. And we should work hard at the beginning to find that smart way. Hard work is not a long term sustainable advantage. But, it is required impulse from time to time to get the machine running.

Proper work, he said, is a stage between being busy and idle . We need to be busy time to time but we also need to rest and rest means restoration to rebuild ourselves, to rebuild the nerves ending and to start fresh.

Let me share Brady’s video with you. This was at a TEAM leadership seminar. You may copy it and paste it to your browser.


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