Leadership & the power of a few: Every body can. Only a few will.

Last Tuesday, I was speaking at a leadership meeting in Fort-Lauderdale, and I quoted best-selling author Malcom Gladwell, a New Yorker reporter, who published the book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. I am a great fan of Gladwell. I read most of his work. And I encourage you toContinue reading “Leadership & the power of a few: Every body can. Only a few will.”

Leadership Education: Read to Succeed and live a life of significance

Best-selling author Chris Brady just released a talk on the importance of reading to succeed in life.  I am glad to share the content of his talk with you which is available through our Life Leadership program, a community of self-directed students on leadership, community building, and foundational issues of life such as: faith, family,Continue reading “Leadership Education: Read to Succeed and live a life of significance”

#Leadership, #friendship, and #relationships: Conversation with @orrrinwoodward, @tonycannuli,@chrismattis on #HBRN radio.

What is friendship? What’s the difference between friendship and acquaintances? Why friendship matters? Orrin Woodward and Tony Cannuli host HBRN’s Leadership Factory with special guest Chris Mattis. The three leaders dive into the subject of friendship and how tight relationships are formed and kept. Anyone who works with people will benefit greatly from this LeadershipContinue reading “#Leadership, #friendship, and #relationships: Conversation with @orrrinwoodward, @tonycannuli,@chrismattis on #HBRN radio.”

Leadership guru Orrin Woodward invites leaders to build other leaders

“You can tell the size of the #leader by the size of the leaders  he has around him. Good leaders have good followers, but great leaders have great leaders around them.”, leadership guru Orrin Woodward wrote in a recent post on his blog . When the right people are on the bus, as Jim Collins would say, thenContinue reading “Leadership guru Orrin Woodward invites leaders to build other leaders”

Some principles of success and personal leadership development

I just watched business leader Mark Millitello on a webinar about success and personal leadership development. He presented 13 principles that have worked for many successful people from different walks of life. Let me share with you the notes I took from his talk. #1.- Show up Whatever you need to be successful in, justContinue reading “Some principles of success and personal leadership development”

Leadership et principes de succès !

Orrin Woodward, leader et bâtisseur émérite de communauté ,  vient de publier un blog sur 12 principes de succès que je m’empresse de reprendre ici. C’est de la bonne nourriture pour le cerveau et qui mérite d’être partagé avec un plus large public. Nous accordons beaucoup plus de soin à notre automobile qu’à notre cerveau.Continue reading “Leadership et principes de succès !”