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Roosevelt Jean-Francois is a professional journalist specializing in economic and business news. He’s a well known radio and TV host in Haiti and in the Haitian  Diaspora.
Roosevelt Jean-Francois  blogs on leadership, success, business, economy, international relations, and  personal and organizational development.
Mr. Jean-François is a Fulbright Research Scholar and Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).  He speaks, teaches, consults and coaches on global leadership, international relations, personal and organizational development. He served on the executive board of CECOSIDA, a not for profit organization committed against the spread of HIV/AIDS and for the promotion of well being in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.

Roosevelt Jean-François est un journaliste professionnel se  spécialisant  dans la vulgarisation des informations économiques. Il présente des informations économiques dans plusieurs stations de radio et de télévision établies en Haïti et dans différentes communautés de la diaspora.

Roosevelt Jean-François est l’auteur d’un blog à succès sur le leadership. Il écrit et commente régulièrement sur l’économie, les relations internationales ainsi que le développement personnel  et organisationnel.

Mr. Jean-François est un Fulbright Research Scholar et Adjunct Professor à la Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Il enseigne, consulte et coach sur le leadership global, les relations internationales et le développement personnel et organisationnel.

Roosevelt est très impliqué dans la lutte contre le VIH/SIDA et pour la promotion du bien-être à travers CECOSIDA, une organisation non gouvernementale établie en Haïti et aux Etats-Unis.



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  1. rooseveltjf Avatar

    Roosevelt JF is a Global leadership Fulbright Research Scholar from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where he teaches Haitian Studies as an Adjunct Instructor. Roosevelt JF is also the President of The JF TEAM, INC; a full media marketing and business development consulting firm based in Fort-Lauderdale, FL. He is a sought out radio and TV business show host. He is also a guest for several mainstream medias including NPR, the Miami Herald and Newsweek. He also leads the Center for Communication of AIDS, a network of journalists committed against AIDS in Haiti and South Florida. He speaks fluently Creole, English, French and Spanish.

  2. Vicki Rosenthal Avatar

    Cher Roosevelt,
    I am very interested in your work and would like to speak to you at your convenience about the possibility of becoming a part of CECOSIDA. Thank you for your attention.

    Bien à toi,
    Vicki Rosenthal, MSW
    cell: 954-383-7800

  3. Diana Pierre-Louis Avatar

    It was a pleasure meeting you last night! Thank you for the interview!! Keep in touch!

    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      Thanks Diana.It was a pleasure to have met you as well. I will post the interview pretty soon.

  4. Gilbert Pierre Avatar

    We appreciate your insight on the young future Haitian leaders in Atlanta during the Youth forum organized by our COnsul General Gandy Thomas. Your words made a difference in learning from our ancestors and reach culture specifically “Book-Man”. Gilbert

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  6. Carolyn Sant Angelo Avatar
    Carolyn Sant Angelo

    What a delight it was to meet you and your wife this past week! Scott and I would love to continue our conversations about Haitian Art, history and dreams! Will you consider joining us on July 13th for the presentation of “Haiti – Just Recovery” at River of Grass Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 10:30 AM? We would be honored…

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