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Leadership and the Power of reading

This will be the title of my conversation with the “For Women Book Club” this evening. I will be  asking questions and share the power of reading and personal leadership development.

Oprah Winfrey told her book club members she can’t imagine she could have become the person she is  now without books.

“Books became synonymous with freedom. They showed that you can open doors and walk through”, she said.

English writer Aldous Huxley stated: “Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting”.

Having a significant full life goes beyond success and fame. It’s Living Intentionally For Excellence.

Our lives change in two ways:  through the people we meet and the books we read.

I’ll be glad to meet, share, talk, and learn with the “For Women Book Club” led by Merline  Mimi Thermora this evening.

Some friends who saw the post on Facebook told me I will miss the Heat-Thunder basketball game. My reply to them:  watching the game on TV will not change the score. I prefer  playing my own game, fuel my passion in my own endeavor.

I will be discussing two questions to challenge my audience:

1.- What happen to our minds when we read?

2.- Why literate cultures out-produce oral cultures?

Please, share your thoughts. That’s why I challenge you to challenge yourself for the next 90 days with the mental fitness challenge.

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One response to “Leadership and the Power of reading”

  1. Madgie Nicolas Avatar

    ‘Power of reading’ ……I am currently reading ‘Please understand me II’ it’s about personality differences which helps people finds their personality style. What happens to my mind when I read I became another person the main character and I am sure that happens to everyone who likes to read.

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