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One of the most powerful tools people have is the ability to gain knowledge. By picking up a good book, one can position himself a step ahead of the average Joe.

Unfortunately, many people rarely take the time to sit down with a good book and acquire new information and learn new concepts. But through daily reading, contemplation, and the development of new ideas, one can expand his knowledge, wisdom, and creativity and gain the capacity to engender a rewarding and prosperous life. Pick up a good book today and explore the possibilities!

Leadership guru Orrin Woodward posted on his blog lessons learned from business leader George Guzzardo  who has become a professor of history over the last 18 years along with one of the top business builders in LIFE. He went from not reading at all, to reading the Team Top 5 books in order to build a huge business and now reads many of the classics.

What happened to George? The same thing that will happen to anyone who starts a self-directed education through the LIFE Business.

The Mental Fitness Challenge is a 90-day kickstart to get your brain off and running on a new course of growth and change. If a physical therapist from Ironwood, Michigan can make the change, so can you! Enjoy George’s latest video.



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