Aswand Cruickshank: Swift-ly done!

What a difference a simple contact can make! I met ASWAND recently at the local Toastmasters Leadership Institute where he delivered a well crafted impromptu 1 minute speech called Table Topics. I was on my way out of the Broward College Building when Aswand was walking to his car. I said “hi” and congratulated himContinue reading “Aswand Cruickshank: Swift-ly done!”

My Thanksgiving story (part 2): A very.. very cold roadtrip drive

Jonathan kept driving. We had more than 3 hours to go. And it was getting colder and colder inside the car. The thermometer indicated 36 F. The farther North we drove on US 27, the lower the temperature became. The cold air is filtered in from the windows, and from the bottom of the car.Continue reading “My Thanksgiving story (part 2): A very.. very cold roadtrip drive”

Ambient reading: new technology, new style of reading, new litterature.

Reading will never be the same. With new access to our new mobile devices, our reading  experience may be different with what it used to be. With audio books, and eboooks, we consume more and more words, faster and faster. We also have an opportunity to bring our own personalised experience to our own reading.Continue reading “Ambient reading: new technology, new style of reading, new litterature.”

The guilt complex

We have within us, between our ears, a simple thing called conscience which teaches us there’s a right and wrong approach to life. We know when we act contrary to our conscience we feel guilty, and this feeling impacts negatively our thoughts. This behavior bestows upon us what author David Schwartz called the guilt complexContinue reading “The guilt complex”

The long run and the short runs

“It’s easy to look at the long run and lull yourself into skipping a day now and then. But, the long run is made up of short runs,” this is what I read from a blog posted by bestselling author and blogger Set Godin. The following are some questions Set Godin asked in his post thatContinue reading “The long run and the short runs”

Tell your stories to connect and dicover: no shame, no blame!

I attended City Speaks, a storytelling event, last night in Pompano Beach, Florida, which reminds me, back in the days in my homeland  Haiti, when my dad used to gather us together, just to tell us stories. Sometimes, they were folktales of Bouki and Malis, the villain and the smart; and other times it was justContinue reading “Tell your stories to connect and dicover: no shame, no blame!”

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Bronnie Ware, an author who worked in palliative care, wrote “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” They are: 1.- I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. 2.- I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. 3.- I wish I had the courageContinue reading “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”