Imaj dram kanaval 2015 la vin’n mete abse sou klou pou imaj Ayiti nan opinyon piblik entènasyonal la.

Imaj dram kanaval 2015 la vin’n mete abse sou klou pou imaj Ayiti nan opinyon piblik entènasyonal la.

Peyi Grès poke rive jwen’n ako ak zone Ero pou finanse dèt li.

Ozetani, kongrè a pap bay lajan pou depatman Homeland Security (sekirite Anndan peyi-a) paske majorite-a pa dako ak prezidan Obama sou kesyon imigrasyon an.

Venezuela ap negosye ak Sendomeng pou’l  ka van’n 49% aksyon l genyen nan Rafinri Petwol Dominiken-an.

Baril petwol la Mèkredi maten a U$. 51.74


Pri gaz la ap monte sou mache global la: baril petwòl la a 53 dola lendi maten

Pri gaz la ap monte sou mache global la: baril petwòl la a 53 dola lendi matenavèk yon tandans poul kontinye monte. Prodiksyon gaz peyi Libi bese a 350 mil bpj (baril pa jou). Libi te kon’n pwodwi 1.6 milyon bpj an 2011 lè Mouama Kadafi te sou pouvwa.
pou plis nouvèl ekonomik:

Lidèship annviv pou-w vin’n plis: apran’n reve gran, pou-w viv angran

Tout sa ou gen pou reyalize ap komanse nan tèt ou tankou yon rèv. Yon rèv se sa ou ta renmen wè ki rive demen ou eksprime ak pawòl Jodi-a.

Panse-w ka kreye. Tout bagay kòmanse nan tèt ou avan-l rive fèt nan reyalite-a. Se sa nou rele panse kreyatris. Panse kreyatris la se rive jwen-n osinon amelyore nouvo fason pou-w fè yon bagay.

Ou dwe kòmanse kwè sa-w panse a pwal rive. Sa-a se verite. Lè ou met nan tèt ou yon bagay ka fèt ou prepare lespri, ou mete sèvo ap travay poul jwen’n yon jan pou sa rive fèt.

Lè ou kwè tou yon bagay enposib, sèvo-w al travay poul prouve se vre. Men lè ou kwè, lè-w vrèman kwè yon bagay ka fèt, ou mete machin nan tèt ou an mach pou’l jwen fason pou sa rive vin’n reyalite.

Se men-m jan an, ou ka jwen-n jan pou-w renmen yon moun si ou kwè ou kapab.

Ou ka rive jwen’n solisyon a pwoblèm ou yo si-w kwè ou kapab.

Lafwa baw fòs pouw kreye. Lè ou vle reyalize yon bagay, kite lide bagau sa-a rantre nan tèt, poul domine panse. Epi, kòmanse panse, vrèman panse kòman ou ka rive reyalize bagay sa-a, pale ak moun ki ka ede-w reyalize bagay sa-a, wap wè ou kòmanse jwen-n lide souk òman ou rive reyalize bagay sa-a.

Si gen  volonte, gen mwayen. Si-w kwè, ou kapab. Sa-a se baz lespri kreyatris la.



Terri Brady: Leadership, grace, faith, purpose, and peace

I just read and reread LIFE  outstanding speaker Terri Brady‘s  posts relating how she faced her brain tumor medical conditions. It’s all about grace, faith, purpose, and peace.

Through her story, I am learning to surrender and give total control to the Higher Power. I better understand why we need to be free from day to day carrying bucket jobs, to build a wealth pipeline engine, and to have a community of friends, fans and family that we can count on.

I was at Louisville  Leadership Convention in 2008 when she  announced she would have brain surgery. I better understand today what she went through and how purposeful she is to continue her journey on the stages of LIFE although she was facing HER life threatening issues.
Her blog Letters to Lindsey is one my favorite. I like her writing style melting into words deep content and soft humor. I can’t wait to have ¨Letters to Lindsey¨ as a book in my hand.

My deepest appreciation to Terri Brady who is the spouse of New York Times bestselling author Chris Brady and LIFE founder.
God bless,
Roosevelt Jean-Francois

Here are the posts from Terri Brady. Please read,  and associate with her thinking to make a difference for yourself and your loved ones.

Out of My Mind (with a Brain Tumor) Part III

For those who are just joining, it may be helpful to READ FIRST:

Dear Lindsey,

In some ways, 2008 seems like yesterday, but as I recall my history, it seems like a whole different lifetime. As I said in part I and II of this letter, headaches led to MRI’s which revealed a tumor. Although the tumor seemed unrelated to the location of the pain, its speed of growth required surgical removal. When it rains it pours, and so did other “unrelated” health issues of skin cancer, a noise in my ear and swallowing problems which led to coughing issues…but the brain surgery took priority.

My story continues…

Out of My Mind (with a Brain Tumor) Part I and

Out of My Mind (with a Brain Tumor) Part II

Une session sur la résolution de conflits à Carrefour: une excellente initiative de BRICODHAP de Tina Nadeene A. Ferrier!

Le groupe BRICODHAP (Brigadiers Communautaires d’Haïti pour la Paix) a organisé une session de formation pour des jeunes de la commune de Carrefour à l’occasion de la semaine   internationale de la résolution des conflits. Je viens d’avoir une conversation avec le leader de ce groupe Tina Nadeene A. Ferrier qui m’a donné plus de détails sur les activités du groupe.

Les thèmes abordés au séminaire:  méthodologie, gestion et transformation pacifique de conflit Et justice Transitionnelle, avec  Mme Ketty Luzincourt (Institut Haïtien de la Paix) et Mme Myriam Lesperance ( IRAP- Institut de Recherche et d’Action pour la Paix)

J’ai beaucoup apprécié le fait que la formation était dynamique avec la projection de vidéos et d’études de cas comme la présentation du film ” Confronting The Truth” mettant en exergue la situation post-conflit en Afrique du Sud avec des exemples de leadership de nelson Mandela, et de Desmond Tutu.

le fim aussi projette le témoignage d’un ancien  bourreau qui  demande pardon à la population.

J’avais publié un post sur les étapes pour la  résolution de conflit que je vous invite à lire ou relire.

pour regarder les photos du séminaire de BRICODHAP et supporter leurs activités, cliquer sur ce lien:


Entèviou @Rooseveltjf ak Kesner Pharel sou program edikasyon sou Finans, biznis, ak envestiman lap fè an #Ayiti ak Fonkoze pou lajan #diaspora-a voye ka rantre nan biznis

Kesner Pharel ap realize yon seri seminè sou biznis ak envestisman nan anpil gwo vil nan peyi-a. Avèk FONKOZE ak sipo BID (Bank Interameriken Devlopman), li pale ak plis pase 200 jèn nan Potoprens, Fo Libète, Gonayiv sou koman yo ka itilize yon pati nan lajan dyaspora-a voye #Ayiti pou fè biznis. Koute Kesner Pharel kap repon’n Kesyom. Map jwe tout entèviou an emisyon ANNVIV sou jodi mèkredi 29 out la a 1è.

Koute    Entèviou Roosevelt Jean-Francois ak Kesner Pharel

Leadership and the Power of reading

This will be the title of my conversation with the “For Women Book Club” this evening. I will be  asking questions and share the power of reading and personal leadership development.

Oprah Winfrey told her book club members she can’t imagine she could have become the person she is  now without books.

“Books became synonymous with freedom. They showed that you can open doors and walk through”, she said.

English writer Aldous Huxley stated: “Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting”.

Having a significant full life goes beyond success and fame. It’s Living Intentionally For Excellence.

Our lives change in two ways:  through the people we meet and the books we read.

I’ll be glad to meet, share, talk, and learn with the “For Women Book Club” led by Merline  Mimi Thermora this evening.

Some friends who saw the post on Facebook told me I will miss the Heat-Thunder basketball game. My reply to them:  watching the game on TV will not change the score. I prefer  playing my own game, fuel my passion in my own endeavor.

I will be discussing two questions to challenge my audience:

1.- What happen to our minds when we read?

2.- Why literate cultures out-produce oral cultures?

Please, share your thoughts. That’s why I challenge you to challenge yourself for the next 90 days with the mental fitness challenge.

Go to the

Let me know.