Reaching goals and having new socks: the fun of delayed gratification.

My wife, Marijo, just bought me new socks as a reward for having reached part of my goals for the last business cycle which was to be Power Player and to break Power Players.
I will tell you more about Power Player in another post.
But today, my aim is to share with you the feeling to tie a reward to your goals to motivate you to run to the last second to reach it.
Bestselling author Orrin Woodward in a couple of speeches you can have access to on Rascal Radio teaches the importance of “delayed gratification” and the personal uplifting to tie a reward to your goal.
I could have gone and just purchased my new socks and wear them.
But there’s something personal when I told my mentor I need new socks and I will have them and wear them when I am Power Player and break Power Players.
In my mind, those new socks are like a trophy.
Just imagine, you go online and purchase a basketball trophy and hang it in your living room without playing any game, without confronting any opposing team, without any sweats.
This trophy will have no value by itself. There will not be any story of dreams, struggle, victory attached to it.
That’s why I like what I do. I set goals and attach rewards to motivate me and to keep going.
I have new shirts, new shoes. I will wear them when I reach specific goals.
I attach goals to a new beach estate, new cars, new travels. It’s fun.
I am part of a business community in which we have fun, make money, and make a difference by setting people free from the financial bondage of debt, to not surrender their dreams to live the life they’ve always wanted.
Rascal radioI play the Power Player Game. I say Power Player and not Power Baller. It’s a game totally different from the lotto. It requires the best of you, it reveals you to you, and to your peers.
This is a systematic approach to community building strategy erected by the Life Company under the leadership of bestselling co-authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.
This game teaches us to speak the language of excellence which doesn’t occur by accident, but rather, from intentional effort correctly applied over time.
Subsequently, a person’s example of excellence increases his ability to influence others.
What’s your goal? What rewards do you attach to it?
Are you part of a personal development program?
Do you speak the language of excellence?
Just asking.
Please, reflect, ponder, and share.
Be well.

Taneisha R. Johnson spiritual testimony: searching for life’s reason why!

I had the opportunity to be part of an audience listening to Taneisha R. Johnson's spiritual testimony this Sunday morning at a Mormon church in Fort Lauderdale.
Her son, Branden, is on his way to a 2 years spiritual mission in UTAH.I asked Taneisha's permission to share her words with you.
My Heavenly Father has given me several gifts throughout my
life. Out of the many gifts, three of them were life changing.
Those were the births of my two incredible boys and the gift of
the Holy Ghost. I can recall times of my life when I have felt
the Holy Ghost but only for a moment.
See there is a difference between feeling the Holy Ghost for
moments at a time and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. The
Holy Ghost is intended to be our comforter, a guidance through
life. God knew for us to return to him, we would need a
redeemer and we would also need guidance while still her on
Think back to time that you can remember being in some type of
danger and you felt something was wrong or think of a time
when suddenly you got a thought to call someone to check on
them. That is exactly what the job of the Holy Ghost does and
God loves us so much that he allows everyone to receive it.
However, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, God gives
you the gift of having that spirit with you all the time.
About 6 years ago, I started to question God and my purpose. I
felt that there was more to life, more to me. I couldn’t
understand why I was so unhappy because things that I thought
was supposed to make me happy didn’t. There was a time when
I had a break down in my closet and I remember crying and then
I had a feeling to pray, so I did. I’ve never prayed so hard in my
life. I remember ending my prayer saying “God, if you are real,
you need to show to me”.
See God knew I was ready to make a change and He knew I had
no clue on how to do it. He lead the spirit that night to touch my
heart and pray the prayer I did. That started my journey on a
quest for knowledge on who God is. I read books after books, I
was inspired to visit different churches and different religions. I
had a burning feeling to read the first 5 books of the Old
Testament. And while reading them I was yet again inspired to consider other testimonies of the Lord. So I order books after
books online and then I came to this site. It said
another testimony of Jesus Christ, so I ordered that too. The
only difference was this didn’t come in the mail. It came
specially delivered by two young boys.
These two young boys had no idea what they were in for. We
had weekly discussions about what the meaning of life is, what
were put here on this earth for and what God wants for us. They
discussed the Plan of Salvation to me, why we should accept
Jesus as the Christ and why baptism is so important. We
discussed these things and so much more for a year before I
decided to get baptized.
Once I got baptized, I noticed that the same inspiration that I
received to pray, read and listen was with me all the time now.
My day to day decisions seems easier to make, I understand
things a little bit better now. I have clarity on certain subjects.
The Holy Ghost is a really good friend who is always trying to
look out for you. I guess that why it’s called the comforter.
When I was 19 years old, I had Branden, It wasn’t easy being a
mother at the age. I barely knew how to take care of myself. But
I always had that feeling that my son was destine to do great
things, through the years I felt moments of The Holy Ghost
pointing and guiding me on how to raise him. I believe the Holy
Ghost lead me here so Branden can do what he was destine to
do. I am so proud to know that he will be lead through the Holy
Ghost to find people like me. People who knows that there is
more to life but just has no clue on how to go about it.
It comforts me to know that while Branden is on his mission, he
will be guided by the spirit to not only find the other lost sheep,
so to say but I take comfort in knowing that he will be protected
as well by the Holy Ghost. I know that he will have discernment
when it comes to certain situations and he will be lead out of
trouble if needed.
Brother and sister use the gift that was given to you, lean on it
through difficulty and use it for guidance. HE gave us that gift
for a reason and He wants us to use it. He needs us to be in
tuned with the spirit so we can do His will. This gospel of Jesus Christ is real and The Holy Ghost Testified that to me. And if
you do not have that testimony yet, I pray that you will be
inspired by the Holy Ghost to know it’s true. I say these things
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Taneisha R . Johnson is a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, enjoying this journey of life.

“The greatest prospector,” a great read on leadership & mentorship to create success in business, & life.

I read this book in one trait. A great read for a great book. The greatest prospector in the world a historically accurate parable on creating success in sales , business, & life.

This is a recipe for mastering the sales process, said Orrrin Woodward, Inc. Magazine top 20 Leader who forworded the book.

A great storyline added to useful tips to be successful in business makes this a useful and enjoyable piece of litterature.

You can go ahead and read this book yourself and add your hunger to put into practice the six business secrets revealed in those 169 pages.

I will share with you my underlines and the feelings I had reading that book in the last 24 hours.

It’s about a family story prospecting for gold. The content is organized in such a way that the storyline grabs you by the throat and you can’t depart from it until you read what’s next. A good thriller.

Be yourself

No matter what happens, be yourself. This is a lesson one of the main character learned from a stranger.

The prospector is after gold, day after day, rain or shine, and is never tiring of the search for gold. This was exciting, but also brought on many difficulties, hardships, and losses. 

This is a parable also about life. It brings dreams, joys, struggles, and victories.

You have to know what you’re looking for and understand why it’s always important to build strong relationships , even if we do ‘t know how they will benefit us in the future. 

You have to cultivate lasting relationships, which span the globe.


Your network is your net worth. Prospecting is a way of life. “It’s the secret to success, and it will bring you fulfillment,” said the author through one of his character teaching about the relationship between a mentor and a protege.

“You’ve got to want it. The protege seeks the mentor not the other way around. You have to be hungry, humble, and willing to learn,” he said.

The mentor teaches but the protege has to ask him. The mentor decides how much he tells, when he tells, and how he teaches. The protege’s progress will influence his decisions by applying himself, and following instructions. The protege should agree to those terms., be patient , but not passive.

On our journey to prospect for gold, and be successful in life, and in business, we will face obstacles, distractions, detours, and disappointments. We must shake off every hindrance and stay focused on the prize. This is the only path to the six secrets which are not just about how to get more, but also how to give more.

The six secrets are summarized as followed:

1.- Dress for the weather. Dress for success. Be your best. Choose your attire with care. Give people good eye contact. Do not dominate conversation, but don’t be afraid to participate. Ask questions. 

2.know what you’re looking for. Put together a plan. Make a prospect list. Qualify those who you believe need your product or service. This is your target market. Stay focused on your target market which is a group of customers who are more likely to purchase your product or services. Don’t waste time, energy, and money prospecting every one you meet.

3.- use the right tools. Be disciplined and strategic in your approach. Dream. Discover your purpose. Pursue your dreams to all your might. Fight against obstacles, distractions, disappointments, and detours. Never give up.

4.- get back into the river, even if you don’t want to prioritize your time, efforts, work habits, and actions based on your goals. Avoid distractions. Set priorities, boundaries, and guidelines. Visualize your future. Write down goals. Set dates, make decisions.

5.- learn to laugh. Make it fun. Take time for leisure. Share funny stories.

6.- rest hard for six days, and rest for one. leave a legacy. Life is short. Appreciate what you have. Cherish the days. No regrets. Build precious memories. Cherish your family. Live a full life, with no regrets. And pass the torch:  Mentor someone.

Be well,


Fear: our greatest enemy in life and how to master it with Faith

I just received this text from my mentor Jerry Harteis. I am excited to share it you.  

Have a good read…..

I’ve heard it said that we’re born with only a few fears, like the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears, we learn along the way, like the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, even the fear of success. 

I believe our greatest enemy in life is fear because fear keeps us from doing many of those things we’d like to do that would make our life more complete and more enjoyable. 

Doubt is the first cousin of fear and it precedes it. We weren’t born with doubt. Our habit of doubt is grown throughout our life. If we dwell on a doubt and give into it, then it grows into fear. 

In his epistle, the ancient writer James reminds us that doubt makes us ineffective. “A doubtful mind will be as unsettled as the wave of the sea that is tossed and driven by the wind; and every decision you then make will be uncertain as you turn first this way, and then that.” 

If most of our fears and all of our doubts are learned along the way, then we can unlearn them by becoming masters of our thoughts. 

I once heard Zig Ziglar quote Mark Twain when he said “true courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the mastery of fear.” 

The people who live the life of their dreams have just as many fears as those who live miserable, unfulfilled lives. They’ve just learned to master their fears instead of allowing their fears to master them. 

Norman Vincent Peale, writing in You Can if You Think You Can, provides us with a prescription for mastering fear and doubt: 

“You can cancel out fear with faith, for there is no force in this world more powerful than faith. The most amazing things can happen as a result of it. 

“There are two massive thought forces competing for control of the mind, fear and faith. And faith is stronger, much stronger. 

“Hold that thought of faith’s great power until you believe it, for it can be the difference between success and failure.” 

And that’s worth thinking about. 

A text from Jerry Harteis 


In search of Harriet’s Uncle Tom Cabin, I found Hawkins Swing, and had a good morning reading!

I drank too much coffee today. I can’t sleep. It’s 2:52 am, and I’m still up. 

I just got back from a pleasant alumni party of Marijo’s high school. It was very fun and entertaining. I had a good time, eating good food, dancing melodious music, and watching friends retrouvailles with good laughter, and jokes telling.

It was fun. But, now I am not ready to go to sleep.

I usually take advantage of not being sleepy to move ahead with my reading.

I always read several books at once. I let my inner voice tell me what I should go ahead and read at the moment. 

On my lamp stand, I have my bible, the liturgy of the hours, the guide of the liturgy of the hours, the book of joy (A conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu on lasting happiness in a changing world), Built to last of James C. Collins on successful habits of visionary companies, the teams of rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin’s opus on the Political genius of Abraham Lincoln). And some other ones around the house wherever I can sit, read, think, reflect, and ponder.

I just completed the very thick book on Lincoln (Almost a 1000 pages.) A great read on a great man from a brilliant author whose narrative abilities are splendid and enthralling.

I wanted to start reading Harriet Stowe Beecher’s Uncle Tom Cabin to better digest my Lincoln. This would be a great added value of literature to a very passionate moment of history.

But, I woke up and could not find the book. I know I put it on the table in the salon at the entrance of the house – one of my reading spot- but I could not find it.

Usually, I lost track of my books on Saturdays, this day- Marijo- my wife for the last 26 years- does this thing she calls “clean,” and which grants her permission to put disorder in my reading life by putting order in her house, our home. 

I like it. I always can start afresh with a new pile of books, magazines, and other things that carry the written words. 

I learn to compose with what disturbs me personally for the betterment of our community, our family.

What should I do? She’s sleeping. Should I wake her and ask her where did she put my Harriet?

I decided to pick up Swing, an outstanding book from Dan Hawkins, a shy mechanic turned to be an outstanding business builder. 

I am rereading the notes I took from my last readings dating April and will continue to the end.

It’s 3:29 am. Enough writing. Time to read.

Understanding the importance of our fruits, a book from Jean-Patrick Lucien

I was walking with my wife this morning in Fort-Lauderdale and our conversations were about fruits: mangoes, avocados, siwèl, Kachiman, kowosol, etc… and the pleasure we had devouring them.

I just  received an email from my friend Evangeline Roussel announcing the release of a book from Jean Patrick Lucien on the importance of our fruits. They are both former high school friends from Canado-Haitien who are committed to keep the honor code alive by using their gifts, talents, and abilities for the betterment of the community.

It’s a delight for me to share the content of this note as received.


FWI PEYI NOU, yon liv ki pale de diferan fwi nou jwenn an Ayiti.  se reziilta rechèch ki te fèt pou montre valè fwi sa yo nan la vi yon moun e enpotans li n an anviwonman.  Chak fwi gen kapasite pou amelyore sante yon moun, ede ekonomi a e planèt la   .

FWI PEYI NOU, dekri orijin yon varyete de fwi twopikal, li eksplike kouman yo grandi e kouman pou pran swen yo.  Liv la enimere tout vitamin ki nan fwi sa yo e eksplike wol vitamin nan la sante.

FWI PEYI NOU, se yon liv ki ekri pou elèv, pwofesè, lidè avèk objektif ke li ka jwe yon wol nan rebwaman peyi d Ayiti, ankouraje jèn yo pou konprann valè pye bwa yo, e vin anbasadè nan pwoteksyon anviwonman peyi a.

fwi nou yo

Liv sa pibliye sou sit Amazon e wap jwenn li sou sit sa : nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias% 3Daps&field-keywords=fwi+peyi+ nou

Achete liv sa, se familiarize tèk tout ou avèk  bèl fwi ke ou jwenn an Ayiti. Otè a, Jean Patrick Lucien pwomèt ke chak fwa ou achte yon kopi, li pral ede òganizasyon lokal nan sid peyi d Ayiti plante ab fwitye pou rekouvri de dega siklòn Matye te fè.

« Ou pral konprann itilite liv sa a, lè Ministè Levasyon nasyònal pral egzije chak timoun pou l mete omwen 5 plantil nan tè chak láne, epi, pran pasyans avèk yo pou yo kap byen grandi. N a fè kalkil la pou n bay rezilta a sou senk láne.Rosemond Lucien, edikatè

Nap ankouraje w pou ou achte yon kopi liv sa pou tèt ou, yon zanmi, yon elèv an Ayiti.  Si ou sipòte ou byen dirije yon lekòl, tanpri konsidere entwodwi li nan pwogram lekòl ou a.  Si ou se yon òganizasyon kap sipòte edikasyon an Ayiti, tanpri konsidere bay tout yon klas, tankou 5ieme ane, yon kopi.  Nou ka ede w jwenn yon lekòl pou sipòte.

A pwopo de otè a :

Patrick Lucien

Patrick Lucien, pitit agwonòm Legrand Lucien, moun vil Tòbèk ak yon pwofesè lekòl, Annette Lucien, pran nesans nan lavil Okay.  Li fè etid primè li kay frè Sakrekè yo, nan enpas Lavo, Pòtoprens epi etid segondè li nan kolèj Kanado Ayisyen, toujou nan Pòtoprens.  Apre sa, li te vin kite Ayiti pou li tabli nan vil Boston, Ozetazini kote l te fè etid inivèsitè li nan Northeastern University pou l soti ak yon lisans kòm enjényè eletwònik. Nan láne 2003, li te kòmanse retounen an Ayiti e li te vle kontinye suiv modèl papa li pou li te al soutni jénès nan kominote kote paran li te soti.  Li te fonde avèk madanm li Fondasyon EDEM nan menm láne sa a.  Li te vin fonde sosyete Gwoup Developman Ilavache, otel Village Vakans e li travay avek plizye gwoup pou li te mete 2 fam sou pye nan sid la avek yon mikro kredi.

Contact Information:

Jean-Patrick Lucien