Some principles of success and personal leadership development

I just watched business leader Mark Millitello on a webinar about success and personal leadership development. He presented 13 principles that have worked for many successful people from different walks of life. Let me share with you the notes I took from his talk. #1.- Show up Whatever you need to be successful in, justContinue reading “Some principles of success and personal leadership development”

Leadership & Freedom: Reading Oliver Demille’s “1913”: a leadership education book on freedom

I read over this week-end Oliver Demille’s recent book: “1913”. It’s a book on leadership education to restore and preserve freedom. In 1913, three critical events made the greatest world shift turning point away from freedom in the US and abroad. 100 years after, modern times are still under that shift.   The first majorContinue reading “Leadership & Freedom: Reading Oliver Demille’s “1913”: a leadership education book on freedom”

Leadership, Reading & self-directed education!

One of the most powerful tools people have is the ability to gain knowledge. By picking up a good book, one can position himself a step ahead of the average Joe. Unfortunately, many people rarely take the time to sit down with a good book and acquire new information and learn new concepts. But throughContinue reading “Leadership, Reading & self-directed education!”

Leadership, liberté et pouvoir !

C’est Henry David Thoreau qui disait que le meilleur gouvernement est celui qui gouverne le moins. Je vous invite à réfléchir sur des idées relatives au leadership, la liberté et le pouvoir dans le contexte de la fondation des Etats-Unis et de la République d’Haïti. Je viens de terminer 1776, un livre extraordinaire sur laContinue reading “Leadership, liberté et pouvoir !”

Leadership & Systems thinking

A leader cannot reach his potential without a systems mindset. Chris Brady, top leadership guru and co-author of the best selling book Leading a Leadership Revolution,  shares several excellent examples of systematic solutions in the following video. Essentially, when a person accurately identifies the system he is a part of, he can learn to leverageContinue reading “Leadership & Systems thinking”

Leadership, Life & Death

I just grabbed one of my daughter’s book : Tuesday with Morrie. It’s about a dying old man teaching life’s greatest lessons to a young man. It’s a must read book from her school. I also googled this title and watched an interview Morrie Schwartz had with Ted Kople, former NBC Nightline  anchorman. I wasContinue reading “Leadership, Life & Death”

Leadership education and the pursuit of happiness!

Let’s start with a simple question: what is the purpose of the study of leadership? Why leadership education matters? A simple answer  to this question is happiness. Yes, the real purpose of the study of leadership is to discover happiness by influencing others in a positive direction. The result of applying principles based-leadership in yourContinue reading “Leadership education and the pursuit of happiness!”

Living a Life that counts!

I read the editorial of Haitian journalist Frantz Duval Living Life (Vivre la Vie). I like reading Duval and he’s definitely my favorite Haitian journalist for these days. But, I am also reading the 7th leadership guru Orrin Woodward recent book Resolved: 13 resolutions for life. This helps me put into perspective Duval’s edito. AndContinue reading “Living a Life that counts!”

Team Leader Orrin Woodward: Top Leadership Award 2011 from the International Association of Business

I’m proud to be part of Orrin Woodward’s leadership team. I mentioned his ideas several times on my book .The leadership results are in. 2012 is starting off with a bang for Orrin Woodward and his community. Mr. Woodward was just awarded one of the top leadership awards in the world for 2011. TheContinue reading “Team Leader Orrin Woodward: Top Leadership Award 2011 from the International Association of Business”

A conversation with Anis Blemur on his new book: A balanced LIFE

Haitian-US Business Entrepreneur Anis Blémur just released his first book entitled A Balanced Life: How to Achieve Success in Every Area of Your Life. He turns his mess into his message. I have a conversation with him regarding his book. BizNews Poadcast with Anis Blemur