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Leadership education and the pursuit of happiness!

Let’s start with a simple question: what is the purpose of the study of leadership? Why leadership education matters? A simple answer  to this question is happiness. Yes, the real purpose of the study of leadership is to discover happiness by influencing others in a positive direction. The result of applying principles based-leadership in your life is happiness.

I’m sitting home and I’m happy. My son Jonathan just told me he listened to 4 leadership CD’s for the last two days. He told me what he learned from leaders like Claude Hamilton, Mark Hass, Mark & Jen Paul -top leaders from the Life Leadership Business- about fitness, relationships and making a difference in life.

He just earned 20 dollars. This is the way I compensate my three kids to earn money by being a consumer of leadership education. They  earn  5$ to listen to a leadership/ life CD, $ 10 to read a leadership book; and more to post their own thoughts on their own  blog. I’m happy to connect them to great ideas and to teach them to create their own content and to be part of the leadership revolution.

I was in Columbus, Ohio, last week-end for the the  Winter Leadership Convention. I had an opportunity to listen to a presentation from blogger and Life business co-founder Georges Guzardo about the purpose of the study of leadership.

Guzardo said that if “you take leadership qualities and you apply them in your life, the result is happiness in your life”.

He asked the audience to jot down 5 qualities of a leader. I will ask you the same question. Take a moment, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down 5 qualities you think of a leader.

I’m pretty sure each and every one of us could come with a different set of qualities. For me, the  5 top qualities were the following:

1.- Character

2.- Vision

3.- Responsibility

4.- Commitment

5.- Trust

I know yours will be different from mine. But, can you apply any of these qualities in your family, business, marriage, friendship, community, church, team etc. If you take some of these qualities and you apply them to your marriage, you will have a successful relationship. And what’s the result of a successful marriage: happiness. Happy wife, happy life. Happy spouse, happy house.

the main product of leadership education is one and foremost happiness. Leaders make people happy by influencing them in the right direction.

The most important component of learning is doing. There are two ways of learning: instructing and discovering. The best instructor teaches how to discover and the true discovering is wisdom, Guzardo said.

Instructing leads to a vocational career to earn a living. Discovering leads to a classical liberal education which prepares for LIFE. When we say you are a student of leadership, we mean you allow yourself to have self-discovery, you develop a learning culture, you absorb history and global studies.

Roman philosopher Cicero said historical leadership is the teacher of LIFE.  Historian Carlyle penned that all  is a variety of study of recorded human history.In ancient times, when the Greeks had free times in the afternoon, they met, and called it agora, which is what we call today school. The agora was to generate ideas.

 The best way to access to history and global studies is through reading. Reading helps us to gather information. New information inspires us for hope, life. Then, from inspiration we develop groups of thinkers who create ideas. Ideas lead to innovation and creation. Innovation transforms and creates commerce and prosperity.

Innovation and Commerce travel hands in hands. They create opportunities and prosperity which change living conditions, said Guzardo.

At the end, the result of prosperity is happiness. But, it starts with leadership education, self-discovering, reading, thinking.

It starts with you!



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