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Some principles of success and personal leadership development

I just watched business leader Mark Millitello on a webinar about success and personal leadership development. He presented 13 principles that have worked for many successful people from different walks of life. Let me share with you the notes I took from his talk.

#1.- Show up

Whatever you need to be successful in, just show up when you need to. Show up, no matter what is happening in your life, no matter how is the environment. 50% of success is show up.

#2.- Be consistent

Pick something in your life and decide to show up and be consistent. Start with something small. This will give you confidence to build something bigger.

#3.- Embrace the FUNK

You got to know what life is in the funk. Yes, it’s F.U.N.K. Just for you to know. This is life in the valley, at its lower level. There are things you can control, and things you can’t control. Embrace that and move on.

#4.- Begin with the end in mind

Just understand where you want to be before you start the journey. You need to picture what it may look like at the end.

#5.- Talk to the winner

How do you talk to yourself? What’s your self-talk? Talk to yourself better. Focus on the quality you have. And talk to the winner.

#6.- Surround yourself with winners

Surround yourself with people who are successful in the field you choose to excel at. Read about them, listen their audios, and watch their videos.

#7.- Take responsibility.

Have an “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” attitude. Look in the mirror and give responsibility to the person you’re watching. Let your efforts rise above your excuses.

# 8.- Take your goals seriously. But not yourself.

Set some goals in different areas of your life. take them seriously. Life is short. Enjoy it. Write your goals down and know for sure you’re going to accomplish them.

#9.- What can you do, others can’t.

What are your strengths?  Don’t let life happen to you. Be pro-active.

#10.- No pain, no gain

Success is hard. “I don’t promise easy, I promise worthy”, said leadership guru Orrin Woodward.

# 11.- Be hard on yourself, easy on others

You have to hold the bar high. Don’t lower it down to get over it> Be an example. D the right things. Give others time to grow. Don’t lower the bar for them neither.

# 12.- win-win or no deal

When you get in a relationship with someone, is this a win for each of you?  Ask yourself what  can you give and what  can you get from this relationship.

#13.-  Be an encourager

Be a life enhancer. Be a magnet others. Give genuine compliments. be specific in telling the good about others.

These principles are not for tomorrow. Start applying them now and prepare for the successful results for tomorrow.



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