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Living a Life that counts!

I read the editorial of Haitian journalist Frantz Duval Living Life (Vivre la Vie). I like reading Duval and he’s definitely my favorite Haitian journalist for these days.

But, I am also reading the 7th leadership guru Orrin Woodward recent book Resolved: 13 resolutions for life. This helps me put into perspective Duval’s edito. And it’s not enough to just live life. You and I need to live a life that counts.

Leadership expert John Maxwell quoted Ben Franklin who  once wrote, “I would rather have it said ‘he lived usefully’ than ‘he died rich.’” More than just words, it was the way Franklin lived his life. One example of his useful nature was the invention of the Franklin stove. Instead of patenting it and keeping it to himself, Ben Franklin decided to share his invention with the world.

According to Dr. John C. Van Horne, Library Company of Philadelphia: “Franklin’s philanthropy was of a collective nature. His sense of benevolence came by aiding his fellow human beings and by doing good to society. In fact, in one sense, Franklin’s philanthropy, his sense of benevolence, was his religion. Doing good to mankind was, in his understanding, divine.” Even his position as a printer fit this philosophical bent. He did not hoard his ideas, but shared them, and everyone benefited. He had an “abundance mentality.”

Maxwell also reported that instead of seeing the world in terms of how much money he could make, Franklin saw the world in terms of how many people he could help. To Benjamin Franklin, being useful was its own reward.

Maxwell talked on his  perspective on the illusion of wealth and status as forms of fulfillment.

“I don’t want my life to be measured by dollars and cents, or the number of books I’ve authored. Rather, I want to be remembered by the lives that I’ve touched. I want live a life that counts”, said John Maxwell who is a leadership bestselling author.

With each day that passes, we should  feel a greater sense of urgency to make sure our time and energy are invested in developing leaders and others to live a life that counts.



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