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  • Leadership & Attitude: A talk inspired from the book Resolved of Orrin Woodward

    I am sharing with you some thoughts I got from the book Resolved, just released by 7th leadership guru and wall Street best selling author Orrin Woodward. With the release of  this  new book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE,Orrin Woodward has  been eagerly anticipating the reaction of leaders around the globe. Writing a book is an […]

  • Nouvel Ekonomik/ BizNews

    Mache kay la ka repran’n Ozetazini, dapre Bank Santral ameriken an Dola-a kontinye ap pran vale Koute plis nouvel ekonomik ak BizNews Nouvel Ekonomik/ BizNews

  • A conversation with Anis Blemur on his new book: A balanced LIFE

    Haitian-US Business Entrepreneur Anis Blémur just released his first book entitled A Balanced Life: How to Achieve Success in Every Area of Your Life. He turns his mess into his message. I have a conversation with him regarding his book. BizNews Poadcast with Anis Blemur

  • Mon interview avec wakim Exume de la VOA sur les investissements en Haiti

    Je partage avec vous ma derniere interview avec le journaliste Wakim Exume de la Voix de l’Amerique. Nous avons parle des investissemnst comme secteur cle pour la relance de la croissance en Haiti et de la mise enplace d’un cadre approprie. Mon point est qu’il faut surtout des investissements au niveau du secteur de l’agriculture […]

  • Leadership Clinton: “back to work”.

    I just read Bill Clinton’s recent book entitled: “Back to work: Why we need smart government for a strong economy”. This is an easy read featuring Bill Clinton’s ideas to turn America to the business of business, as Truman stated. He said a strong government working hand in hand with a strong private sector will […]

  • Lauching the LIFE Business

    This has been a great leadership convention. The LIFE Business is the best thing I have seen so far in the community business field. Here are some videos I filmed this week end.  (Diderot Delpe)  For more go on my facebook page: Roosevelt

  • Latin America and Caribbean weathering global volatility, IDB’s Moreno says

    At a Group of 30 meeting, advises countries to offset risks building up in world economy. Latin America and the Caribbean continue to weather relatively well the problems currently afflicting the global economy, Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno said today at a meeting of central bankers and finance ministers. Speaking to members of […]

  • Konbit for Haiti to promote advocacy awareness in the haitian community

    Konbit for Haiti, a grass root organization based in Miami, announces a new program to promote advocacy awareness in the haitian community. To know more, listen to my interview with Marli Lalanne, a konbit for Haiti manager.                                                                                                              Interview with Marli Lalanne of konbit Haiti

  • Kickoff of The Katleen Felix Book Club

    I just hosted the very first show of the Katleen Felix Book Club on conference room. What a delight to discuss for 60 minutes  ideas written by author Dambisa Moyo in her best selling book Dead Aid: Why Aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa. I had the […]

  • Leadership & Croissance : l’exemple de la Corée du Sud !

    Au Magazine Investir, mon ami Kesner Pharel invitait à  discuter  de la nécessite d’une nette hausse des investissements privés et publics dans l’économie haïtienne au cours des prochaines années pour assurer une croissance soutenue, de façon à faciliter une forte création d’emplois et améliorer les conditions de vie de la population. J’ai lu les 80 […]