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Leadership & Attitude: A talk inspired from the book Resolved of Orrin Woodward

I am sharing with you some thoughts I got from the book Resolved, just released by 7th leadership guru and wall Street best selling author Orrin Woodward.

With the release of  this  new book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE,Orrin Woodward has  been eagerly anticipating the reaction of leaders around the globe.

Writing a book is an arduous task. It  requires  many thankless hours of time alone to think and write a labor of love. 

  However, when it’s released, it’s part of the global networth to inspire others beyond time and space.

This is a poadcast for my radio show on attitude.  yo.aspx?cardid=V4b2MLgfhF6gYIor8fQp3B     I invite you to listen and to share your comments in this blog.

Leadership is about sharing and growing. I invite you to have this book to grow yourself personnally.

Leave me a message and I will have you get this book. Then we may have a special conference call to discuss it. We need to grow together. Iron sharpens iron. Let’s build a leadership matermind group to build our communities, our homes, our families, and our countries.



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    Hello mate great bloog

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