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Terri Brady: Leadership, grace, faith, purpose, and peace

I just read and reread LIFE  outstanding speaker Terri Brady‘s  posts relating how she faced her brain tumor medical conditions. It’s all about grace, faith, purpose, and peace.

Through her story, I am learning to surrender and give total control to the Higher Power. I better understand why we need to be free from day to day carrying bucket jobs, to build a wealth pipeline engine, and to have a community of friends, fans and family that we can count on.

I was at Louisville  Leadership Convention in 2008 when she  announced she would have brain surgery. I better understand today what she went through and how purposeful she is to continue her journey on the stages of LIFE although she was facing HER life threatening issues.
Her blog Letters to Lindsey is one my favorite. I like her writing style melting into words deep content and soft humor. I can’t wait to have ¨Letters to Lindsey¨ as a book in my hand.

My deepest appreciation to Terri Brady who is the spouse of New York Times bestselling author Chris Brady and LIFE founder.
God bless,
Roosevelt Jean-Francois

Here are the posts from Terri Brady. Please read,  and associate with her thinking to make a difference for yourself and your loved ones.

Out of My Mind (with a Brain Tumor) Part III

Posted on February 14, 2013

For those who are just joining, it may be helpful to READ FIRST:

Dear Lindsey,

In some ways, 2008 seems like yesterday, but as I recall my history, it seems like a whole different lifetime. As I said in part I and II of this letter, headaches led to MRI’s which revealed a tumor. Although the tumor seemed unrelated to the location of the pain, its speed of growth required surgical removal. When it rains it pours, and so did other “unrelated” health issues of skin cancer, a noise in my ear and swallowing problems which led to coughing issues…but the brain surgery took priority.

My story continues…

Out of My Mind (with a Brain Tumor) Part I and

Out of My Mind (with a Brain Tumor) Part II



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