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A chat interview session with Hans Tippenhauer on global shapers and building a Club of Young #Leaders in #Haiti

Hans Tippenhaeur told me his participation at the recent Global Shapers meeting was “very good”. He told me more about it and granted me permission to share with you this friendly chat session interview we had on Facebook.

Hans Tippenhauer: Well bro, actually the World Economic Forum is sponsoring a new kind of clubs for young leaders. There will be hubs in each city, we have started in Port-au-Prince. They are supposed to be promoting and doing social enterprises projects

Roosevelt Jean Francois: Ok. That’s good. What’s a club of young leaders? How old should they be?

Hans Tippenhauer :  Between 20 and 30.  Indeed, I am still looking for members for the PAP club.

Roosevelt Jean-Francois: What are the qualities for membership besides age?

Hans Tippenhauer: They have to be accomplished young entrepreneurs or social leaders. They need to have a good CV and the possibility to work on, develop and implement a project.

Roosevelt Jean Francois: Accomplished entrepreneurs? how can you be more specific? And,  what’s a good CV?

Hans Tippenhauer: Maning that they have to show they already have accomplished some kind of projects, or be part of a successful project. They can be artists or sport athletes as well. But, they must have shown  they have determination to do something, set goals, and accomplish them.

A good CV is to prove that they have a good track record  meaning that they have a minimum of professional or academic background, that they are driven and well-intentioned individuals.

Roosevelt Jean Francois : Good. Good job. Keep it up! Glad to chat with you!

Hans Tippenhauer: Thanks Roosevelt, we are trying.

Roosevelt Jean Francois: My friend, you’re not “trying”. You’re doing. Let me know, when you doing an event meeting on leadership, I’ll be glad to share with your club.

Hans Tippenhauer: Yes indeed, sometimes it feels the results are far though, but we are pushing.ok good, will do

Roosevelt Jean Francois:That’s a good chat interview. Please review the content and let me know If I can share it with my tribe on my blog.

Hans Tippenhauer: yes you can. Just correct any typo.

Roosevelt Jean Francois: Yes I’ll do. I’ll post it on Thx Hans. Kenbe!

Hans Tippenhauer: Ok Roosevelt, nap kenbe fem!

To view more pics on this forum held in Zarmat Geneva, visit Hans Facebook photos page by clicking on the link below:




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