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The Leadership Secrets of Mark Zuckerberg: hunger, teachability, vision, passion, communication

Zuckerberg is a technology genius who has learned to be a leader.  Zuckerberg seeks guidance from great leaders and when he does “he is a sponge in terms of learning,” according to one friend. That’s the assessment from several people who know him or who have followed his career closely.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took walks with Steve Jobs near Jobs’ Palo Alto home, absorbing everything the great Apple visionary had to say, according to blogger Carmine Gallo, a Forbes Contributor, who covers leaders who are exceptionally persuasive communicators.

 I am sharing with you this video on the leadership secrets of Mark Zuckerberg . I really like the idea that he keeps it simple and he  associates with smart people to help him.
Watch this video and share your comments.




2 responses to “The Leadership Secrets of Mark Zuckerberg: hunger, teachability, vision, passion, communication”

  1. Daniel REGIS Avatar
    Daniel REGIS

    Good Lessons Roosevelt, only three and one of the very important aspect it`s the personal mission of the Zuckerberg what was not the money first.

  2. Rusty Pozzobon Avatar
    Rusty Pozzobon

    Whether you are familiar with Mark Zuckerberg depends to a considerable extent on your age and Internet savvy. The greater the one, the less the other, the more this soon to be iconic name will be unknown… and that, of course, means you’re the oldest of fogies… and must instantly make amends. I intend to make that very easy for you.Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in a “Leave It to Beaver” town with the quintessential name of Dobbs Ferry, New York. His life consisted of the very best and most appealing of what suburban life in the Great Republic offers; his father a dentist, his mother (before the birth of her four children), a psychiatrist. His was a loving, close-knit family that valued the most important thing of all: education, and made sure Mark got the best.’

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