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Hard work and Smart work!

I had an opportunity to listen to leadership guru Chris Brady, co-author with Orrin Woodward of the best seller book: Launching a leadership revolution. His main topic was about hard work and smart work and how to face obstacles and challenges in journeying towards your vision.

You and I will always have to work hard if we want to accomplish something. But we need to make sure we’re working hard at something that really works.

Being busy is not enough. Even ants are being. We have to make sure we’re busy at something that is significant and worthy of our most precious asset which is our time.

Brady mentioned Ronald Reagan who was very effective as an old president. He had a systematic way to move toward his goal. His motto was : Be sure of what your main things are and surround yourself with people who can do what they have called to do.

Brady also mentioned his business partner Orrin Woodward who has a systematic way to keep his focus under pressure and chaotic moments. Woodward always thinks about the big picture, to go beyond the present moment and to make sure good times always follow bad times.

What Brady teaches in this address is for us to understand that there’s always a smart way to do what we do. And we should work hard at the beginning to find that smart way. Hard work is not a long term sustainable advantage. But, it is required impulse from time to time to get the machine running.

Proper work, he said, is a stage between being busy and idle . We need to be busy time to time but we also need to rest and rest means restoration to rebuild ourselves, to rebuild the nerves ending and to start fresh.

Let me share Brady’s video with you. This was at a TEAM leadership seminar. You may copy it and paste it to your browser.

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