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Tell your story with your own words, and live your life.

What we talk about is our story. Our story is about who we are. When we talk about our experiences, what we see, feel, do, fear, like with our own words, we create our own life.

We market ourselves by telling our story.

Marketing is storytelling, said best selling author and blogger Seth Goddin.

The story of you built you.  Your story makes you you.

Sometimes the way you see yourself isn’t exactly the way others see you. Not as good as you think you are. Not as bad as they think you are.

Tell your story. Tell it on purpose.





3 responses to “Tell your story with your own words, and live your life.”

  1. Brunine David Avatar
    Brunine David

    Great! I like the way you said that coach! As our peasants at home state it: ” chaq moun gen istwa Day it I pa yo!”

  2. Steven Daniel Gedeus Avatar
    Steven Daniel Gedeus

    Awesome job Roosevelt, this is so true

  3. Jessica St Jean Avatar
    Jessica St Jean

    I will definitely tell my story…

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