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The YouEconomy: Stop being only a consumer and start being an owner!

I just read this morning a very important report on the YouEconomy to be published in the next issue of Success Magazine. I invite you to dig deeper and to join this global movement that is revolutionizing how we live, work, and play.

rjf-1Here are some notes I took from this special report released online by Success Magazine: Introducing to the YouEconomy. 

The YouEconomy is the growing global network of people who are taking the future of work into their own hands.

Folks in the YouEconomy are applying their experience in new ways, learning new skills and tapping into endless resources for training and support. They’re designing their lives, carving out time for family and building professions based on their passions. Along the way, the friends they’re making, people they’re meeting and places they’re seeing are enriching their lives beyond what they thought was possible.

The YouEconomy is an umbrella over a handful of movements with disparate labels. Parts of it, along with other developments toward economic freedom and flexibility, have been referred to as the sharing economy, on-demand economy, gig economy and freelance economy.

The YouEconomy encompasses all ages, ethnic backgrounds and education levels.

As diverse as the people in the YouEconomy are, they generally have three things in common:

– They have more control over how they spend their time than the average employee.
– They have more control over their income than the average employee.
– They are actively learning and exploring new ways of creating prosperity.

If you recognize your dream in this list, that’s good news. The YouEconomy offered hope and happiness.

Create. Innovation is at the heart of the YouEconomy. ¨we’re living in a world where people can become businesses in 60 seconds.”

How in the world do you start?

  • First, evaluate your potential.
  • Consider your passion.
  • Evaluate your skill set.

Your next step is to click on this link – Introducing to the YouEconomy-  and read, re-read, re-reread this special report, take your own notes, share and engage in conversations with your friends, fans, and family.

Enjoy your learning experience and share,






One response to “The YouEconomy: Stop being only a consumer and start being an owner!”

  1. Egglin Antoine Avatar
    Egglin Antoine

    I had a great Monday-morning-coffee reading today.  It’s always a pleasure reading you.  Thank you for who you are and for sharing your experience. Good day. guine

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