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Florida Centurions having fun through Life Leadership conversations, & Club 180 bonding!

I love Life Leadership and the compensated community we are building around it. We are a FUN Club, making money, striving for excellence, bonding together to make a difference, and helping people to live the life they’ve always wanted. We market information around 8F’s: Faith, Family, Finance, Friends, Freedom, Fitness, Following, and Fun. And we are excited about it. Fired up!


Club 180 party
Club 180 partWe just had our very first Club 180 party in Fort-Lauderdale Florida. It was fun, inspiring.


It was fun to have what best author Orrin Woodward called “Great conversations”. It was also inspiring to  listen to some stories our friends were telling to themselves.

We shared some jokes, and humorous stories about ourselves eating Chinese and Spanish omelettes, pancakes, coffee, juice etc… Good food. very good food.

But, the food I loved the most, in our breakfast Club 180 party, this morning was some “food for thought”. It was moving from “good to great”.

Luc & Nathalie, Centurions power players, casted  the vision to have South East Florida, and its affiliated regions on the Life Leadership map.

I was amazed to see Yolaine and Jon driving more than 2 hours from Fort-Myers to Fort Lauderdale. She told us “I wanted to be with you. And I do not regret to do it”.

Yolaine also said that “people at work complimented me for my upbeat  attitude. The information made a difference. I am more patient, I feel less stressed”.

Linda was not happy with her husband Frank prior to the meeting. “I know we were going to church, and he decided to come here without telling me. I was unhappy. But, now I feel a lot better listening to you. What you do, putting people together in our community matters”, said Linda with a “sorry honey” to her husband who replied with a big smile.

It was a great joy listening to Luna about her learning experience through the CD’s and the open meetings.”I thought I would be by myself, I discover I have a new family. I like it”, she said.

Smith was also outstanding about the compensated model and the message we are sharing. “I feel more confident, I gave out Cd’s, and I like when people are calling me for more, and I invite them to have their owns”, Smith said.

Jon is reading  RASCAL from best selling author Chris Brady. He told us :”I want to make a difference by becoming an original character”.

We left with some goals, some commitments to build our Open Meeting numbers in Fort-Lauderdale . We also dream to have Fort-Lauderdale on the monthly Live Life Event map, and to reach thousands and thousands of people in SouthEast Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin-America.

I enjoyed the moment building and bonding with our friends in our  Life leadership compensated community. This is definitely our “best shot to live the life we’ve always wanted”.

We are Centurions. We lead from the front.

God bless,








3 responses to “Florida Centurions having fun through Life Leadership conversations, & Club 180 bonding!”

  1. leafarblog Avatar

    Congratulations to all Club 180 qualifiers. Don’t forget to join the Club 180 teleconference this Monday, April 7, 10pm. Please contact your leaders for details

  2. Roosevelt Avatar

    Thanks for the reminder. We will sure be on this conference call with the best leaders in our industry.

  3. Jerry Harteis Avatar
    Jerry Harteis

    Great job to the Florida Centurions. We are so proud of what you all are doing. Now it’s on to gogetter then Power Player. Fired up

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