Tan’n mwen!


Yè swa li ta pwal minwi

Ti moun yo komanse konte

10, 9, 8…

Map debouche champay la

7, 6…

m’pa jwen bouchon an

plis map fè vit

plis tan ap pase

5, 4…

Boutèy Champay la nan men’m

M’rele Tan’n mwen, Tan’n mwen

3,2,1 ….


Jonatan pran boutèy champay la

li ouvè-l.

2010 komanse.

M’ri tèt mwen.

Yo ri’m tou.


M’aprann m paka kanpe tan an

M’apran’n tou: ou toujou bezwen yon pipiti pase-w


Bonjour 2010!

Juste pour dire bonjour à 2010: une nouvelle année, une nouvelle décennie et au revoir à 2009.

A écouter des conversations avec mes proches et à  lire les messages qui me parviennent sur les réseaux  facebook, twitter, myspace, mon cel et mes e-mails, j’ai  comme l’inpression que c’est avec joie et bonheur que plus d’uns accueillent 2010 et voient  partir 2009.

En 1999, il y’a 10 ans, je me rappelle que c’était  avec appréhension que le monde attendait l’an 2000. Le bogue et la fin du monde étaient des sujets qui faisaient sauter les coeurs. Les ordinateurs ont bien passé le test des premières heures et la vie a bien continué pendant l’année 2000 jusqu’à ce qu’un matin du 11 septembre 2001 des attentats terroristes ont frappé les tours jumelles du World Trade Center à New York.

Et la vie globale ne sera plus la même.

L’économie américaine a connu son cycle de déprime au cours des années 2002-2004 et les remèdes du maestro de la réserve fédérale, Alan Greenspan, ont conduit au crédit facile et au capitalisme on ne peut plus être débridé.

Le  crédit-en veux-tu en voilà- a poussé à la surenchère de la consommation et à la spirale de la dette au cours des années 2005-2006.

Fin 2007, l’économie commence à contracter.  2008: de grosses banques dont Bear Stearns tombent en disgrace. Et l’écroulement s’en suit avec une valse de ponzis dont les plus gros sont orchestrés par Bernard Madoff.

Obama gagne la présidence sous le signe du changement. Sa première année 2009 est sous le signe de l’adaptation avec des grands dossiers internationaux (Iraq, Afganisthan, changements climatiques) et des questions intérieures (Economie, Santé, Education etc..). Son paquet de stimulus sauve Wall Street 9les banques, le marché boursier)  et Main Street (les familles, les petites et moyennes entreprises)  est toujours dans l’attente.

La décennie 10 sera celle de la percée globale. Plus la globalisation s’étend, plus la localisation se renforce. Les nouveaux centres sont : L’Inde, la Chine, le Brésil. Les nouvelles  technologies :  le livre électronique (Nook, Kindle), l’iphone, les énergies renouvelables; et les leaders en force: Eric Schmidt de Google, Ratan Tata de Tata group et Steve Jobs de Apple.

Mais la véritable personnalité et le principal leader de la décennie 2010 est celle que le magazine Time avait consenti il y’a 2 ans: Vous!

Quel est votre plan pour la décennie 2010: pour votre santé, vos finances et vos relations. avez-vous un plan ou attendez vous que ce qui arrive arrive. Et en 2020, nous pouvons refaire le survol, il y’a 10 ans, c’était en 2009…


Reading I dare you!

I’m part of a leadership development  Team. For the last years, our TEAM has developped a program in which members receive a book a month and some audios on the best business and leadership seminars in the US.
My package for december arrived yesterday. And the book is “I dare you”, from William H. Danforth. A motivational classic one I read some years ago in French. Je vous défie. I reread this book with grand appetit. And I want to share with you some ideas  I underline.
I always read with a pen. A good one. My books can not be resold. I underline, write all over.
In his forward, Danforth asks you and I to never give less than our best and to pursue an adventure, a great journey, a fullfilling dream on our life.
This book was written some 70 yaers ago and its content is more relevant now than ever. Just to say that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Truth never changes.
Life is a glorious adventure. And it is necessary to live agressively, to be pro-active than to live defensively, reacting to events.
This book is all about awaken our hidden giants and develop our untapped talents.  We have four : physical, mental, social and spiritual. In that sense, you and I have a mind, a brain, a heart and a soul which are our living tools. The more we use them, the better they become. We use or lose them. The more we use our talents to help others, the more ability we develop.
Our most valuable possesions are those which can be shed without lesseinig; those which when shared multiply, he writes.
I was chatting with a friend yesterday, and she made a point that she feels pressured because she had to move her family to Florida while her husband is having a good job some other place. My comment was: There’s no such thing as a “good job”. She did not agree which I understand. But last night I read Danforth words: “The day of defending your present possessions is gone. From now on you are not going to worry about holding your job… Your eyes are turned toward your strengh, not your weakness…”.
Jamaican singer Bob Marley says it best:”When one door is closed, another one is opened”. But sometimes, we keep our eyes too much on the closed door that we can not see other ones being opened.
This is the same thing for the economy. Yesterday I wrote on my blog: “There’s no recession, there’s a paradigm shift… Those who want to learn the new rules and play the game will win and those who are just complaining and are waiting for a hand out will stay in the dust… It’s all about leadership”.
I thank my friends who like it. I also think those who prefer to e-mail me their disagreement. As I told one of them, we don’t need to agree. It’s all about the thinking process: If you think there’s a recession, you’right; and if you think there’s no recession you’re also right. The only difference is you can decide to be part of it and wait to be bailed out; or you can decide not to participate and create your own way out.
I choose the latter.
That’s why you and I need to have our own healthcare  reform by taking care of our body : excercising, eating right. Let’s take care of our mind : reading and sharing. Let’s take care our heart : expressing love, care, attention. Let’s take care of our soul : reflecting, medidating.

Let me know what you think. Let’s share…

National Leadership Conference of Haitian Mayors to be held in SAVANNAH 18-24 nov. 09

GALATA, Inc., the National Leadership Conference of Haitian Mayors, The National conference of Black Mayors and the World Conference of Mayors In search for Instructors

The Board of Directors and planning committee are pleased to present the 4th Annual Convention of the National Leadership Conference of Haitian Mayors. This year’s seminar will be held in Savannah, Georgia November 18-24, 2009. It will feature informative workshops, roundtable discussions and hands on activities to assist more than 400+ Mayors and other elected officials from Haiti , with participation of mayors from Peru , US and Mexico in developing strategies to promote growth and better serve their constituents. 

NLCHM asks you to share your knowledge with the mayors as it continues to search for qualified professionals to instruct them each year and/or present in the following curriculum:


  • ECT….

 The leadership seminar has been embraced by the National Conference of Black Mayors Inc, (NCBM) the World Conference of Mayors Inc (WCM) and the National League of Cities. “We are blessed by professionals who believe in helping us further our mission to help each city achieve self-sufficiency through the use of mentoring opportunities, coordination of resources, and collaboration,” says executive director Joseph ”Billy” Louis,BS. Exchanges between Haiti ’s mayors and others around the world are vital to Haiti ’s development starting with its smallest municipality.

LCHM joined forces with the Cities of Savannah,  Homestead ,  Florida City , FL , The National Conference of Black Mayors, and the WCM to bring aid to Haiti during natural disasters and the hunger crisis.  The groups established the “Haiti Disaster Relief Fund” and a “Rice to the Occasion” drive. NLCHM continues to provide trainings in Haiti in collaboration with MINUSTAH and the Haitian Government and assisted in bringing the Annual Convention of the World Conference of Mayors to Haiti for the first time in 2007.


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