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Caricom’s quest for leadership role in Haiti

My topic for this post is Haiti amidst the global softpower and global
 leadership  in the  rebuilding process.
I just had a chat with a friend about this topic and he mentioned the
 internet  and facebook as the  main global  softpowers.  Which I disagree,
understanding that these are medias and not the  message.
Haiti is to share its rebuilding process with global powers including
 countrries  (USA, Canada,  France, Brazil and the Domnican Republic);
global, regional and  multilateral organizations  (UN, OAS, IDB,WB, EU 
and Caricom and global personalities and philantropies. 
I want to focus more on Caricom leadership and the call of its leaders to
play ‘a clear role’ in the reconstruction of Haiti.
Caricom has a special envoy to Haiti. It’s former Jamaican prime minister
 PJ Patterson who spoke at th UN international donors
He did not say that much and his pocket is not as deep as others.
Some  caricom members accused   the international community
of excluding the Caribbean from reconstruction efforts in Haiti,
following the January earthquake.
They also argue  that Caricom can provide the voice that Haiti
 itself does not have,  in its time of crisis.
I totally agree with this comment. But Caricom should also
prove to be an inclusive
 community first and to accept Haitians on thir soil not to
deport them neither stigmatize them.
Leadership comes with responsibility.  And the softpower and
 leadership role  Caricom is seeking for should start with a clear
acceptance of Haiti and Haitians to be part wholly in the community
and to guarantee its members protection and
acceptance on the soil of the 14 sovereign nations.
Caricom wants be the column for the steering wheel, while arguing
for Haiti  to be in the driving seat.
But, Caricom should start by proving it cares for Haitians in its
 country members first.





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