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I just discovered bestselling author John Mc Arthur’s work in Atlanta.

I have been  in Atlanta, Ga, for the last 24 hours, visiting families, and having some time off from the ongoing social media, and phone thing. Since then, I haven’t  followed my recent notifications from my different accounts: emails, phone calls, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and so on…

imagesI disconnect to reconnect with closed ones  and I have been having fun listening to their stories about what was their Christmas growing up,  eating, sleeping, and doing nothing. Just relax.

I was watching a basketball game, and listening to Rene’s playing guitar, when my eyes glanced on his table. A small book was laid under a pot of flowers. I picked it up and the title caught my attention: “Twelve Ordinary Men , How the master Shaped His Disciples for Greatness, and What He wants to Do with You,” from bestselling author, pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church John Mc Arthur.

I grabbed this book at once, listening to Rene’s playing Fernando Sor, and my sipping of Picot Noir. I read the back front, and the publishing jacket .

Rene stopped playing. He told me I should start reading another John Mc Arthur’s book about philosophical worldviews, biblical truth, modernism and post-modernism.

“This is smaller, you can read this tonight,”he said while I was watching the last minute of the Golden Warriors of Steph Curry winning against Lebron James’ Cavaliers.

I wanted to read the Twelve Ordinary Men first. I heard about this book for some time, and I’m glad to put my hands on it. But, Rene’s call for John Mc Arthur’s “Why one Way, Defending an Exclusive Claim in an Inclusive World”as a simple and short reading is attractive after a long day of road trip, wine drinking, laughing out loud of story telling.

“Why one Way”  is 73 half pages. But the book is not small, it carries deep philosophical content on relevant issues that divide more than ones from the dark ages to now.

I did not go through the 2 pages introduction last night. All I remember, is I took off my glasses and slept.

I just finished the little book. And I am on my way to start reading the second one.

Rene brought me a third John Mc Arthur: “The Truth war, Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception.”

I am here for three days, and I owe you one blog post for each book.












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