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The Power of a Mentor, Good Books, Perseverance, and Toughening Up

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Over the last 30+ years I have learned the power of several key principles that have molded my life. Most of what I have learned have come from the advice of good mentors. It’s interesting, that those mentors who had more than average success, had about the same advice. One was to be careful where you got your advice. The second was to read books, books from a variety of authors on a variety of subjects. The third, I learned not only from my mentors and the examples given in the books I read, but from first-hand experience around me; those who persevered… succeeded. And to persevere, I had to toughen up.

I heard a TED Talk by Tai Lopez that mirrored what I have learned. It’s interesting that the principles I learned are practiced by others in various fields of life who aspire to excellence.

Here are some excerpts from…

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2 responses to “The Power of a Mentor, Good Books, Perseverance, and Toughening Up”

  1. Bern Andrew Avatar
    Bern Andrew


    Club Awesome is having a guest speaker from the Tony Robbins organization on January 22. Is this something you would want to attend? Should we send this information to the rest of club?

    Andy >

    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      I will be out of town. But, I think yes, you can share this info with the rest of the club.

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