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Self-Leadership development to face business and life killers

If you are a business owner, you face sometimes with business killers. Laurie Woodward, one of my top public speaker, mentioned four of them as followed:  disappointments, discouragement, distractions, and temptation.

In a recent speech which I had the pleasure to listen a couple of times today, as part of my January training system delivered by the Life Leadership Company to its Professional Business Owners, Laurie Woodward shared some great tips to face those killers and to kill them before they kill us.rjf-ow

#1.- Disappointments

Have you ever felt disappointed? If yes, how did you feel? You might miss a goal. You feel down for missing it. Your energy is drown.

“Get over it,” Laurie said. “This is part of life. You set goals and you miss them. You keep setting them until you reach them.”

Your disappointments can come from associates or business partners who miss their own goals or simply quit.

“Attention,”Laurie advised. They might pull you down in a pit to have a pity party with them.

The key to “killing disappointments is to make them part of your story,” she said. Whenever you miss your goal, whenever one quits on you, you write it down, as part of your story.

As they say,  tragedy plus time equals humor.

Kill Disappointments with Gratitude. Be grateful to all stuff, good and bad, that happens to you. Yes, all is part of your story. Take notes, you might forget.

Control what you can control. And live the life you’ve always wanted.

#2.- Discouragement

Disappointment has to see with others while discouragement is within yourself, your state of mind, your state of being.

It’s facing your self-talk, how you listen to this little negative voice inside of you telling you every thing you can not do, every thing wrong about yourself.

For this Laurie Woodward prescribed to”stop listening to yourself, and start talking to yourself.”

Another point of discouragement is the depravity of the world as reported in the round-the-clock, real time, mobile media era. It’s so negative out there, that it could be very discouraging. You can even ask yourself what difference can you make in such a negative world.

“You can be a bright light in the darkness by being the example and saving one marriage, helping one family getting out of debt,”she said.

#3 Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. You are pulling in hundreds of directions. Your time and schedule are out of control. Distractions can come as hobbies, vacations, social media etc..

There’s always the “after distractions,”… I will.

“After the football season,”…The basketball season, the tax season etc…

You need to draw a line and be in charge of your life by controlling your time and your schedule.

There are a lot of good things out there, but there is only one great thing you were born to do. You have to decide what’s your calling, what your life was designed for, and invest massively your time, energy, and resources in that endeavor.

Don’t let distractions stand between you and your dreams. Kill distractions with a laser focus.

“Know what you want, know how much it costs, pay it,” Woodward said.

#4 Temptations

It might be as easy as having reached your goal, you’re happy, and you take time off to celebrate. Of course,there’s a time for that. But, it may not be the time you’re having momentum and by taking a break you lose THE BIG MO…

You can take a break and celebrate unless it’s your final goal. You think in your mind, and limited beliefs, you have arrived. Eureka, as the Greeks said.

“Never hit a goal until you set the next one,”Laurie  said quoting his bestselling author husband Orrin Woodward.

The train is still moving.Don’t lose your momentum by staying in the celebration period too long.

You might be tempted to blame others for your lack of success, take charge, assume responsibility. Look yourself in the mirror, have a reality check, and move on.

When things get tough, we’re tempted to just “quit.”

Quitting is the worst temptation and business killer, she said asking “what do you quit to? Quit to want?”

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. When we just quit, we develop a habit of giving up, and sets that example to our kids and future generation.

Life is hard. PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens. Proceed Until Something Happens.


Let’s keep the conversations going. Let me hear your comments. Have you ever been disappointed? Discouraged? How do you control distractions? how do you face temptations?

Please, share.












3 responses to “Self-Leadership development to face business and life killers”

  1. Guerda Avatar

    This is a great article and as a human being we all face one of those stages. The acknowledgment of the situation make the right move. Taking decision to change it as soon as possible is the best one.

    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      Thanks Guerda for your comments. Decision is the key.

    2. Roosevelt Avatar

      Guerda, I appreciate your comments. . As you say, decision is the key. Keep up.

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