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Developing Kids who love to read to build the new generation of leaders

I enjoyed listening to Rascal Radio.  This is my round the clock life changing information. I have this station on my computer, and on my cellphone. I take it with me wherever I go. And I like it.

My 15 year old just listened to a very interesting  audio produced by best selling author Chris Brady and his spouse Terri Brady telling their experiences on developing kids who love to read.  He was on Rascal Radio and here are some of his notes from this program.



Reading is one of the most important things to have success in life.

Reading is more than entertainment and pastime.

It’s required to be passionate about reading.

Become a student first before becoming an effective teacher.

Harry Truman, All leaders are not readers but all leaders must be readers. It’s a fact that most of the greatest leaders throughout history have been avid readers.

President Roosevelt was known to read one or two books a day.

Jimmy Buffet said of his mother,” reading is the key to everything.”

A good book contains more wealth than a good bank.

If you read a book a week for a year you’ll have read 52 books.

People who hope to influence what’s going on around them will develop a habit of reading good books.

Many times the reading of a book has made the future of a man.

The best book is the one that gets us off on a train of thought far away.

Readers are encouraged to make reading a regular part of their diet.

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them. –Mark Twain

Read to them even as babies

JUST READ. Always read. Reading is very rewarding.






One response to “Developing Kids who love to read to build the new generation of leaders”

  1. Madgie Nicolas Avatar

    Lots of families most importantly Haitians families have the tendency of NOT reading for their kids….the key point to such great element which parents don’t realize it’s not only train the brain for the future of a man although “its a priceless BONDING moment” to better relationship with your children. I read for my Son 20 minutes a night every single night and if you do check my site you could preview a slight video of us
    Great story Roosevelt. Love to catch up with you!!!

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