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Leadership, Authenticity, & Your personal brand

New-York Times best-selling author Chris Brady, just released a talk in the LIFE Series on leadership, authenticity, and your personal brand which is your uniqueness, your God-given calling to LIFE, your purpose, your raison d’etre.

With humor, passion, and great speaking ability, Brady calls upon us to dig deep in ourselves to detect our uniqueness.

“No one else has your story. Nobody experiences the world as the same way as you”, Chris Brady said in an audio CD available in the LIFE Library.

This concept of “uniqueness” to life is a preamble to what Brady calls your “personal brand”.

He defines your personal brand (PB) as “whatever you bring to the world which is uniquely yours”.

“The more you stick to what is uniquely yours”, he said, “the more authentic you are, and the more interesting it is, the more it is marketable to others”.

Brady singled out Robert Redford’s outstanding movie “The legend of the bagger vance” which describes a down-and-out golfer attempts to recover his game and his life with help from a mystical caddy challenging him to find his “authentic swing”.

“It’s time to move on, and to drop the baggage of the past, and find your authentic swing”, Brady reported from this movie which, he said, is not about sport, but a real application to leadership, and success.

“We meet people who have been in some wars in their lives and who have their heads messed up. Sometimes, we can’t make our heads clear about the past and feel responsible for damages in our lives and picture ourselves of not worthy accomplishing anything”, Brady commented adding “it’s like we’re already die and waiting to make it official”.

And there’s also the negative messages the world is sending to us: “don’t try too hard”, “don’t waste time achieving anything”, “don’t get your hopes up”.

“Our negative self-talk gets mixed with popular saying dragging us to mediocrity, insignificance, and unhappiness” Brady said.

We spend days of insignificance and misalignment away from our purpose chasing lesser things for immediate satisfaction and at the moment pleasure.

It’s time to find our authentic swing, that thing we were born to do, that thing that makes us come alive.








2 responses to “Leadership, Authenticity, & Your personal brand”

  1. t1ls Avatar

    Love the concept of purpose–both in your post and life. Nice job.

  2. J & P Harteis Avatar
    J & P Harteis

    Love your blogs, Roosevelt! We are so proud of you & know that you have found your authentic swing! Blessings to you & yours!

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