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The online Leadership Book Club will discuss this Wednesday: “Make your Bed,” authored by Admiral William H. McRaven.


I had fun reading this book that I received as a Christmas gift from my daughter. I am as much delighted to the coincidence that “Make your Bed, Little Things That can Change Your Life … And Maybe The World,”  has been chosen to be discussed this Wednesday January 24, from 8:00 pm, at the online Leadership Book club hosting by my friend Lois Margollin.

McRaven in  130 short pages invite us to change ourselves and the world through 10 simple lessons he addressed, in 2014, the graduating class of the University of Texas.

Those are 10 lessons he learned himself during his Navy SEAL training that helped him overcome challenges, and to become who he is throughout his life.

I invite you to read the book yourself and be part of our conversation. At least, be part of this learning experience where we will discuss our own understanding, and tell our own stories in our own words from these 10 lessons:

1.- Start each day with a task completed.

2.- Find someone to help you with life.

3.- Respect everyone.

4.- Know that life is not fair.

5.- Failure can make you stronger

6.- Dare greatly.

7.- Stand up to the bullies

8.- Rise to the occasion

9. Give people hope

10.- Never, ever quit.

Those are simple life wisdom, practical daily advice that we will discuss to empower us to live the life we want.

We will not live the life we’ve always wanted by chance, but by change. And change starts with reading and the new story narrative we are telling ourselves.

See you, hear you Wednesday at 8:00 pm Eastern time.







2 responses to “The online Leadership Book Club will discuss this Wednesday: “Make your Bed,” authored by Admiral William H. McRaven.”

  1. Claire Avatar

    This was a nice overview. I plan on reading this book.

  2. Diane Diamantis Avatar
    Diane Diamantis

    Roosevelt, can you come to our fundraiser on Friday? We have a nice group from Club Awesome coming in support.

    I appreciated it when you attended before 😉

    Hope all is well.


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