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Meeting Bob Burg at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute in West Palm Beach and learning the Go Givers Laws for success in Life.

I was serving at the West Palm Beach, Florida, Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI,) last Saturday morning when I met bestselling author Bob Burg who was the keynote speaker for this event.

pic-wpb-2I was at the check in table when this tall man showed up with a beam smile, great eye contact, a vibrant energetic handshake to tell me with a deep low toned voice:

“Good morning, I am Bob Burg. Is this the Toastmasters’ meeting?”

“Yes, It is,” I replied welcoming him with great enthusiasm.

I told him my name and my pleasure to meet him in person having read his Go Giver series books.

Bob Burg was scheduled to speak at 12:00. He showed up at 10:30 am.

“I always want to be early to make sure everything is ok,” he said.

Bob took the stage to address an audience of 200 toastmasters leaders about the laws of Go Givers whose main goals are to add value to others by shifting their focus on others instead of themselves.

“If you want to make money in sales, don’t make money your target. Focus your target on others.  When you hit the target, you get a reward. And that reward comes in form of money, in form of kindness, in form of referrals” Bob said.

“Great leadership is not about the leader,” he added.

pic-wpb-1When we focus more on others with a giving spirit, we attract values back to us far greater than anyone owes us.

“If you can create so many great relationships with so many people who know you, like you, trust you that they want you to succeed, they want to be part of your life journey; your world  would become a benevolent context for your success,” Bob Burg said evoking the law of cause (giving) and effect (receiving).

“The greatest gifts would come at moments and from places we least expect,” he concluded with great applause.








2 responses to “Meeting Bob Burg at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute in West Palm Beach and learning the Go Givers Laws for success in Life.”

  1. Bern Andrew Avatar
    Bern Andrew


    While you were at the West Palm Beach TLI- did you sign-in under SAA to get credit for the club?



  2. Charlotte Avatar

    It was wonderful seeing you yesterday!

    Thanks for sharing this. I am excited to meet him on February 10th. Will you be there as well?

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