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Reading Ariely’s “Dollars and Sense” to understand “how we misthink money and how to spend smarter.”

This is the moment of the week to visit my local bookstore and discover what’s new on the shelves.

reading-1Walking through the aisles, my eyes glanced over a blue hard cover book entitled “Dollars and Sense” with a human head design which carries the subtitle “How we misthink money and how to spend smarter,” co-authored by Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler.

I read the inside front and back jacket to know about the content and the authors. Interesting enough to pick it and go for a read.

You have to read it yourself for an in depth summary of this material.

I will just mention that this book brings to life a definition of money and how it interacts with our emotional being. It is dedicated for the wonderful things money does for us, the terrible things it does to us, and all the grey matter in between.

dollars-3We are all inside a “Money volcano,” say the authors inviting us to think more and better about money and make better financial decisions in a more and more complex and advanced world.

Money is the top reason for divorce and the number one cause for stress, they say.

What can we do to sharpen the way we think?

Their answer: Financial Education, or financial literacy.

They mention that this book is not intended to “financial literate” us . It reveals, according to the authors, how we think about money and the gaps between our conscious understanding of how money works and our reasoning.

This is a good read. But, after a couple of hours flipping more than 200 pages, I am still thirsty on my quest about how to be smarter about the money thing.

To spend more and smarter will require to become smarter to make more, to keep more, and to accumulate more.

I have not yet seen this “more” in the book. And , I am still thirsty. But I can’t agree more with the authors: “Ignorance is  bliss.”


Do you know why “Ignorance is Bliss?”

Read, and you’ll know.

Be well!








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