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Development: moving from nations development, to personal & self-development

The  half of the 20th century is called the century of development. Geographer Alfred Sauvy coined the concept of “developed country” which he opposed to “underdeveloped countries.”
One question being posed: what enabled some societies to develop democratic institutions and sustainable economic wealth while others were prone to dictatorship and outcry poverty?
Some argued that their paths to modernization were different based on their historical conditions.
Among these are whether the pre-modern agriculture of a country involved serfs who were tied to the land in near slavery, or was based on more or less independent peasants?
Immanuel Wallenstein , a sociologist, stated that in a world dominated by capitalist trade, poorer countries could not grow wealthy by simply following the example of those who had done so earlier.
The world systems have been already dominated by countries which led industries that innovated and could compete more in a capitalist trade environment.
Countries with less advanced technology capacity and industry development were at a disadvantage.
Internal underdevelopment factors added to external forces of the world systems, and global trade will keep them in disarray.
The new century is shifting toward personal development and self-development. More and more people understand that they have to take into their own hands their well being and not to count on institutions and government for help.
People have choices to live their lives and the social roles they assume.
We all agree with Shakespeare “Life is a theater. Everyone is playing a role.”
The better you are, the better you play your role, and the better you contribute to the development of your community.






One response to “Development: moving from nations development, to personal & self-development”

  1. Nekita Lamour Avatar

    Nice reflections Roosevelt. How can we help those who subconsciously believe they need to have someone with a fancy title or a fancy job to help them in their self development, or institutions, or government like you said. Whether is from a larger scale of development or personal development. I think the idea of waiting for someone to take initiatives for development will affect global development.

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