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Reaching goals and having new socks: the fun of delayed gratification.

My wife, Marijo, just bought me new socks as a reward for having reached part of my goals for the last business cycle which was to be Power Player and to break Power Players.
I will tell you more about Power Player in another post.
But today, my aim is to share with you the feeling to tie a reward to your goals to motivate you to run to the last second to reach it.
Bestselling author Orrin Woodward in a couple of speeches you can have access to on Rascal Radio teaches the importance of “delayed gratification” and the personal uplifting to tie a reward to your goal.
I could have gone and just purchased my new socks and wear them.
But there’s something personal when I told my mentor I need new socks and I will have them and wear them when I am Power Player and break Power Players.
In my mind, those new socks are like a trophy.
Just imagine, you go online and purchase a basketball trophy and hang it in your living room without playing any game, without confronting any opposing team, without any sweats.
This trophy will have no value by itself. There will not be any story of dreams, struggle, victory attached to it.
That’s why I like what I do. I set goals and attach rewards to motivate me and to keep going.
I have new shirts, new shoes. I will wear them when I reach specific goals.
I attach goals to a new beach estate, new cars, new travels. It’s fun.
I am part of a business community in which we have fun, make money, and make a difference by setting people free from the financial bondage of debt, to not surrender their dreams to live the life they’ve always wanted.
Rascal radioI play the Power Player Game. I say Power Player and not Power Baller. It’s a game totally different from the lotto. It requires the best of you, it reveals you to you, and to your peers.
This is a systematic approach to community building strategy erected by the Life Company under the leadership of bestselling co-authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.
This game teaches us to speak the language of excellence which doesn’t occur by accident, but rather, from intentional effort correctly applied over time.
Subsequently, a person’s example of excellence increases his ability to influence others.
What’s your goal? What rewards do you attach to it?
Are you part of a personal development program?
Do you speak the language of excellence?
Just asking.
Please, reflect, ponder, and share.
Be well.







3 responses to “Reaching goals and having new socks: the fun of delayed gratification.”

  1. Melet Derose Avatar
    Melet Derose

    Wow! Such a great article. Keep up the good work, Roosevelt.

  2. Roosevelt Jean-Francois Avatar
    Roosevelt Jean-Francois

    Thank you Melet. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Marie Josee Avatar
    Marie Josee

    Congratulations for a well written article and, moreover for achieving your goal. So proud of you.

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