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Taneisha R. Johnson spiritual testimony: searching for life’s reason why!

I had the opportunity to be part of an audience listening to Taneisha R. Johnson's spiritual testimony this Sunday morning at a Mormon church in Fort Lauderdale.
Her son, Branden, is on his way to a 2 years spiritual mission in UTAH.I asked Taneisha's permission to share her words with you.
My Heavenly Father has given me several gifts throughout my
life. Out of the many gifts, three of them were life changing.
Those were the births of my two incredible boys and the gift of
the Holy Ghost. I can recall times of my life when I have felt
the Holy Ghost but only for a moment.
See there is a difference between feeling the Holy Ghost for
moments at a time and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. The
Holy Ghost is intended to be our comforter, a guidance through
life. God knew for us to return to him, we would need a
redeemer and we would also need guidance while still her on
Think back to time that you can remember being in some type of
danger and you felt something was wrong or think of a time
when suddenly you got a thought to call someone to check on
them. That is exactly what the job of the Holy Ghost does and
God loves us so much that he allows everyone to receive it.
However, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, God gives
you the gift of having that spirit with you all the time.
About 6 years ago, I started to question God and my purpose. I
felt that there was more to life, more to me. I couldn’t
understand why I was so unhappy because things that I thought
was supposed to make me happy didn’t. There was a time when
I had a break down in my closet and I remember crying and then
I had a feeling to pray, so I did. I’ve never prayed so hard in my
life. I remember ending my prayer saying “God, if you are real,
you need to show to me”.
See God knew I was ready to make a change and He knew I had
no clue on how to do it. He lead the spirit that night to touch my
heart and pray the prayer I did. That started my journey on a
quest for knowledge on who God is. I read books after books, I
was inspired to visit different churches and different religions. I
had a burning feeling to read the first 5 books of the Old
Testament. And while reading them I was yet again inspired to consider other testimonies of the Lord. So I order books after
books online and then I came to this site. It said
another testimony of Jesus Christ, so I ordered that too. The
only difference was this didn’t come in the mail. It came
specially delivered by two young boys.
These two young boys had no idea what they were in for. We
had weekly discussions about what the meaning of life is, what
were put here on this earth for and what God wants for us. They
discussed the Plan of Salvation to me, why we should accept
Jesus as the Christ and why baptism is so important. We
discussed these things and so much more for a year before I
decided to get baptized.
Once I got baptized, I noticed that the same inspiration that I
received to pray, read and listen was with me all the time now.
My day to day decisions seems easier to make, I understand
things a little bit better now. I have clarity on certain subjects.
The Holy Ghost is a really good friend who is always trying to
look out for you. I guess that why it’s called the comforter.
When I was 19 years old, I had Branden, It wasn’t easy being a
mother at the age. I barely knew how to take care of myself. But
I always had that feeling that my son was destine to do great
things, through the years I felt moments of The Holy Ghost
pointing and guiding me on how to raise him. I believe the Holy
Ghost lead me here so Branden can do what he was destine to
do. I am so proud to know that he will be lead through the Holy
Ghost to find people like me. People who knows that there is
more to life but just has no clue on how to go about it.
It comforts me to know that while Branden is on his mission, he
will be guided by the spirit to not only find the other lost sheep,
so to say but I take comfort in knowing that he will be protected
as well by the Holy Ghost. I know that he will have discernment
when it comes to certain situations and he will be lead out of
trouble if needed.
Brother and sister use the gift that was given to you, lean on it
through difficulty and use it for guidance. HE gave us that gift
for a reason and He wants us to use it. He needs us to be in
tuned with the spirit so we can do His will. This gospel of Jesus Christ is real and The Holy Ghost Testified that to me. And if
you do not have that testimony yet, I pray that you will be
inspired by the Holy Ghost to know it’s true. I say these things
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Taneisha R . Johnson is a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, enjoying this journey of life.







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