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Saturday morning stories: Hanging out with Marijo, my wife, and Having Fun! (Part II)

(Read Part I of this story) Leaving home, Marijo asked me if I had cash. I answered positively shaking my head up and down.
“How much cash do you have”, she asked.
I replied “Got plenty… You tell me how much you need and we’ll see.”
“100,” she said smiling.
“No, I don’t have that quantity on me now,” I affirmed backing off the car from our driveway.
“We need to go to the bank,” she said adding “I need to pull some cash.”
We stopped at the Wells Fargo branch at Sunset Drive and University Drive in Sunrise. She went to the ATM.
At the parking lot, while waiting for her, I observed a very young couple, parking their SUV closed to my car, carrying several plastic bags of foods, and cool plastic water bottles. I thought they were husband and wife going to exercise to the gym club across.  I was wondering why should they park their car that far from the club.
I saw them walking the sidewalk to the bench at the bus station and handing out foods, energy bars, cool and fresh bottles of water to the least disadvantaged sitting on this bench with their backpack full of everything they have.
I saw the joy on this couple’s face taking the time to start conversation with a young lady on the bench making a difference in their life.
This is an experience I’d like to do.
I was glad to see this act of compassion and told Marijo what I saw.
“I don’t get the cash,” she said. “I don’t have the right card”.
“No card, no money,” I said, asking her “what do you want me to do now?”
 “I don’t know,” she said, questioning me back “What do you think I should do?”
 “That’s a very good question,” I answered.
“I know you will figure out a way and tell me,” I added.
“Let’s go to JC Penny,” she decided.
I said OK.


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3 responses to “Saturday morning stories: Hanging out with Marijo, my wife, and Having Fun! (Part II)”

  1. Marie Vincent Avatar
    Marie Vincent

    This show that the u have comparison, about what’s going on around u , and at that time u see your self in those people , God bless then . Part 2

    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      Thank you Marie to add more perspective to this story. I appreciate your comment. And I you put it, we see in others what we have and who we are. Good point.

  2. Saturday morning stories: Hanging out with Marijo and Having Fun! (Part III) | Roosevelt Jean-Francois Avatar

    […] (Part I & II)  Bizarre, all of the sudden, my car windows don’t work. Bizarre, Marijo pulled her side down and it could not go back up any more. At least for the time being. I’m trying and trying to unlock the power windows button. Nothing. I pushed and pulled. No results, so far. It started drizzling by then. Small fragments of raindrops hit the front windshield one after another. Then the farther I drove South University drive to Westfield Mall, the more intensified are the drops. They started spilling inside o. “La pli a ap mouye m.” (I’m getting wet,) Marijo said. Then, we got to the mall. The parking lot is almost empty. She asked me to drop her at JC Penny’s entrance, parked the car, and I to come back to find her. “I will get wet,” I said. “That’s your problem,” she replied opening her purse (a huge one.) and pulling out an umbrella. “Why don’t you leave me the umbrella,” I asked her. “No”, she said. “I don’t want my hair to get wet.” Stopping the car in front of JC Penny, I told her “you need to go natural and have no problem having your hair getting wet.” She humorously told me “I am happy for you. You already go natural and you have no problem getting wet,” her eyes piercing over my shaved bald head. I smiled inside. But did not inform my face. I kept a serious look and told her “I will be waiting for you until the rain is over.” She got off. She went to the front door and read the sign. She walked back and told me “they open at 10:00.” “Let’s go to Costco,” she said. I said OK […]

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