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I had the opportunity to attend a leadership webinar presented by bestselling author Orrin Woodward last Saturday. He spoke about leadership, our ability to have awareness of our limiting beliefs, and our decision to grow our capacity to adopt overpowering beliefs to face the complexity of life.

I like Orrin Woodward’s teaching style and the Life Leadership System. This leadership education system uses repetition through multimedia platforms to dig deeper on a concept under study. Those who are serious about their self-development decide to subscribe to books, audios and to have Total Access to live events, seminars, meetings, library of contents, blogs etc

“We all have limiting beliefs”, Woodward said, explaining “there’s a gap between our intentions (what we want to do) and our actions”.

“Since the world continues to grow more complex, so too must its leaders continue to grow. World leaders, in short, must increase capacity to handle more complexity”, Orrin Woodward said.

Here is  a segment of his talk. Watch and learn.








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