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Launching a Leadership Revolution through Leadership Education & Critical Thinking

I am scheduled to give a presentation for 70 agents in an insurance company in Fort-Lauderdale, Florida, which is one of my customers for the LLR Corporate Education System. My keynote speech will be based on the New York Times bestselling book Launching a Leadership Revolution co-authored by two of the top 25 global leadership gurus Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.
makethumbnail.ashx“Our LLR System is designed to gradually and effectively transform your existing professional-level talent into engaged, contributed, go-to leaders”, I told the managers of this firm in a conversation referencing to a flyer of the Life Leadership Company which I represent to market its suites of leadership and self-education materials.
How to develop engaged employees in the workforce? How can every member of this firm can use their brain to think critically about issues and problems that this company is facing? How to develop a culture of self-directed education and critical thinking in which each member of this team can dig dip in their mind to come up with thoughts that will move the company ahead?
Those are the questions I will be addressing with my audience challenging them to create an atmosphere and an environment that encourages inquiry, exploration, discussion and debate. Those who decide to be up to this challenge will be part of a community learning group (10-12 employees) through a pilot program for the upcoming 6 months. Each employee will have access to a book and 4 audios a month and I will facilitate a discussion with them on topics such as values, vision, professionalism, self-confidence, conflict resolution etc…

The six monthly packages of 1 leadership book and 4 audios each provide just the right amount of new information and principles every month over an extended period of time in order to foster lasting change in employees and systemically transform the workplace environment into a culture of leadership. We also created optional tests that are available at no additional charge so employers can monitor the progress of individuals while encouraging employee participation and group discussion.
deweyThe reward and the return of this investment is to see employees to come to work better prepared. They have to ask themselves “how can I apply what I read, what I listened, what I discussed in my work today”, “how can I apply this to my home, my family, and my community”.
I will complete this post with philosopher John Dewey who asserted that education and learning are social and interactive processes. He believed that human beings thrive in an environment where they are allowed to experience and interact with each other in a constructive way.
I will develop more on Dewey’s Critical Thinking on my next post.

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