Leadership, Education, & The Life Business

I do believe leadership education is my higher calling. I am always happy to discuss, read, learn, and share contents, thoughts and ideas about leadership, education, and life issues.

And, since last November, my friend Jean Delpe introduced me to the new Life Business (www.the-life-business.com) led globally by # 7 and # 12 leadership gurus respectively Orin Woodward and Chris Brady. They co-authored the New York Times and wall Street bestselling book : Launching a Leadership Revolution”.

I am glad to be part of the LIFE Business endeavor and to introduce it in Haiti. The LIFE Business is in 4 countries: USA, Canada, Haiti and the Bahamas. And our goal is to reach in the upcoming 5 years at least 1 million people, committed to leadership education, self-development in the 8 foundational aspects of their life.
We call it the 8 F (Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends, Fun) to LIFE (Living Intentionally For Excellence).
I was happy last night to have a conversation with a colleague who is reading the outstanding Dade Carnegie’s classic book: How to win friends and Influence people.
We discussed about sincere appreciation, insincere flattery , making people feel important.
I re-read the book in a couple of hours understanding that I have read it before and undersigned what is relevant to me.
Not only, we have a high standing conversation, but she also mentioned one of her fiends wants to get into the practice of leadership education through reading and audio listening.
Ideas have consequences. Good ideas have great consequences.

Published by Roosevelt

Roosevelt JF is a Global Leadership Fulbright Research Scholar from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where he taught Haitian Studies as an Adjunct Instructor (2005-2010). Roosevelt was also a senior admissions adviser at Kaplan University. Roosevelt JF is the President of The JF TEAM, INC; a full media marketing and business development consulting firm based in Fort-Lauderdale, FL. He is a sought out radio and TV business show host. He is also a guest for several mainstream medias including NPR, the Miami Herald and Newsweek. He also leads the Center for Communication of AIDS, a network of journalists committed against AIDS in Haiti and South Florida. He speaks fluently Creole, English, French and Spanish. He is the author Of "Leadership sur le vif: Des idées pour le changement et la création de richesse en Haïti".

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