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My comments on PBS’s Gates piece on Haiti & Dominican Republic

Outstanding piece on both countries of the island. A very well done job professor Gates. It’s great to bring history from here and there and to show the way where Haitians and Dominicans can join forces for the betterment of their own people.

I would put it like this: Dominicans are more about what you can see and Haitians are more about what you can discover.
With the Dominicans, you can see pride, Epicurean life and an apparent joy of life and well being. This has been a result through determination, national identity and a very committed elite to lead this society towards peace and progress.
There’s a noble heritage, deep values, greatness, strength,courage living in Haitians. It will take organization, leadership and commitment to bring it out.
As Antenor Firmin puts it in De L’egalite des races humaines: Haiti is a gate to the world for the African race.






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