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  • Leadership & the power of a few: Every body can. Only a few will.

    Last Tuesday, I was speaking at a leadership meeting in Fort-Lauderdale, and I quoted best-selling author Malcom Gladwell, a New Yorker reporter, who published the book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. I am a great fan of Gladwell. I read most of his work. And I encourage you to […]

  • Leadership, Success & Struggle: The trio of joy!

    “We may hate opposition and struggle, but it is critical for our mental health.  Without the struggle, we would feel no joy in victory,”said Bestselling author Chris Brady in a blog-post dated two years ago  announcing his next book to be released “Trout Fisherman in Hell.” Brady shared the following parable : “There is an […]

  • A self-directed Leadership education to break free from the financial matrix

    Best-selling author and leadership expert, Orrin Woodward, shares profound advice in his recent book, The Financial Matrix. He says, “Get out of DEBT and stay out of DEBT!”. He defines the Financial Matrix as a “web of debt which ensures profit and control for the elite,  debt and stress for the masses. What I like […]

  • Leadership & Wisdom!

    I started the day reading the Proverbs of king Salomon. I was so surprised to read, just a while ago, the latest post from best selling author Orrin Woodward on the same subject. “What a coincidence”, I said to myself. On his blog, Woodward is asking us to “seek for freedom”. I appreciate and want […]

  • Leadership, acceptance, & appreciation: I accept you the way you are, and I appreciate you for who you become

    I accept you the way you are, and I appreciate you for who you become. This is the title of a speech I will present today at VOICE Toastmasters club in Fort-Lauderdale, Florida. I have the pleasure to share with you the content of my upcoming speech. Enjoy. Last Thursday, I went to the dentist. […]

  • Ban Baldanza, Spirit Airlines ‘ CEO, talks about business and leadership

    I attended a recent lecture presented by Spirit Airlines President and CEO Ben Baldanza at the Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova SouthEastern University in Davie, Florida. Baldanza shared his business acumen and day to day experience at Spirit Airlines with hungry listeners composed mostly with Nova business students and professors, some […]

  • Florida Centurions having fun through Life Leadership conversations, & Club 180 bonding!

    I love Life Leadership and the compensated community we are building around it. We are a FUN Club, making money, striving for excellence, bonding together to make a difference, and helping people to live the life they’ve always wanted. We market information around 8F’s: Faith, Family, Finance, Friends, Freedom, Fitness, Following, and Fun. And we are excited about […]

  • Leadership education through conversations

    My most pleasurable moments  are when I have conversations with friends I just met. I enjoy asking questions, nodding to their answers, smiling to their jokes, sharing their successes, and empathizing with their challenges to discover and connect with the human being I have in front of me. This is very rewarding. Having conversations is […]

  • HBRN’s Orrin Woodward and Tony Cannuli have a leadership conversation with Life Leadership PC Holger Spiewak: lessons of trust, courage, conviction and determination.

    Here’s the new Leadership Factory radio show. I enjoyed listening to Orrin Woodward and Tony Cannuli interviewing Holger Spiewak. Holger is LIFE Leadership’s brand new Policy Council member.  Here are some real life lessons on leadership, trust, courage, conviction, growth, change, and determination. As best-selling author Orrin Woodward wrote on his blog, “a person cannot lead others […]

  • Leadership en temps de crise!

    Suite à la publication de mes commentaires sur le dernier film de Raoul Peck (à voir absolument), un ami sur Facebook a recommandé d’initier la réflexion sur le leadership en temps de crise. Kesner Pharel avait organisé une session sur le sujet il y’a quelques années et je viens de lire un texte de John […]