Leadership & the power of a few: Every body can. Only a few will.

Last Tuesday, I was speaking at a leadership meeting in Fort-Lauderdale, and I quoted best-selling author Malcom Gladwell, a New Yorker reporter, who published the book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.


I am a great fan of Gladwell. I read most of his work. And I encourage you to do your own work by digging dipper yourself in his literature. As a community builder, I am sharing with you some of the thoughts I picked from Gladwell‘s book which I used in my speaking engagement last Tuesday.

The Tipping Point describes How ideas, products, messages, and behaviors can spread as fast as viruses do.

The very same way we can have a flu, measles, or HIV contagion, we can also create a positive contagious effect with a small group of people.

Everything can change all at once. This is like an epidemic. Gladwell coined the concept of “contagiousness”. This is what is called in mathematics a geometric progression.

A virus doubles , and doubles, and creates a huge effect, a tipping point, a sudden change.

The Tipping Point, Gladwell said, is the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point of any endeavor.

3 rules of Epidemics

Epidemics are a function of the people who transmit infectious agents, the infectious agent itself, and the environment in which the infectious agent is operating. When something happens in 1, 2, or 3 of these ares, an epidemic tips, Gladwell acknowledged.

1.- The Law of the Few (People)

2.- The Stickiness Factor (Infectous Fator)

3.- The Power of Context (Environment)


Gladwell taught an American history lesson to illustrate his point on #1 The Power of the Few.He named John Hancock, and Samuel Adams as the two original men who stood up against the British soldiers in the colony of Massachusetts. Their actions were followed by Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, and 56 other men who organized the First Continental Congress which led to the Declaration of Independence.

He also wrote about the courage of Paul Revere who spread the message for the community to wake up and be ready to fight for freedom. Paul revere spread this message thru word of mouth: the most important form of communication.

Gladwell questioned: “Why some ideas and trends and messages tip and others don’t?”

“The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts,”  Gladwell said mentioning that these few people are around us. They are:

1.- Connectors. Those who develop the skill to know  lost of people. They have a natural gift to make social connections. They develop curiosity, self-confidence, sociability, and energy. Connectors  are in the habit of making introductions.They are the equivalent of a computer network hub. They are people who “link us up with the world…people with a special gift for bringing the world together”. They are “a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack [… for] making friends and acquaintances”

2.- Mavens. Those who accumulate knowledge and want to tell you about what they know.They are avid readers, lecturers, teachers. They are “information specialists”, or “people we rely upon to connect us with new information”. They accumulate knowledge, and know how to share it with others. They  want to solve other people’s problems, generally by solving their own”. As Malcolm Gladwell states, “Mavens are really information brokers, sharing and trading what they know”

3.- Salesmen. Those who master the art of communication and persuasion. Those who can spread an emotional contagion. They  are “persuaders”, charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills. They tend to have an indefinable trait that goes beyond what they say, which makes others want to agree with them.

As I told my audience last Tuesday, I am glad to be part of Life Leadership Compensated Community, a premier leadership media and education company aiming at setting people free to live the life they’ve always wanted.

We have a message worth spreading which gives us the #2 Stickiness Factor. People are addictive to TV likes zombies which entice them, and seduce them to live in debt, Life Leadership is creating a new media addiction, by providing content and association to escape what best selling author and leadership guru, Orrin Woodward called the Financial Matrix.

Life Leadership has #3 The Power of Context. Context matters. Life Leadership CEO and best-selling author Chris Brady delivered a recent talk he names THE Shift of a Life Time. The environment today is ready for a new message of hope and truth to set people free.


It was 1:00 am, today, I, with some other friends, were leaving the woods of Immokalee, South West Florida. Under the cover of darkness, thru word of mouth, we were spreading the message of self-directed leadership education, entrepreneurship, inviting some families to join us in the underground railroad to escape the matrix. We are the new conductors like abolitionist Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the route of the Underground Railroad.

Here are some poignant quotes fro Harriet Tubman:

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
I grew up like a neglected weed – ignorant of liberty, having no experience of it.
We  want to do the same thing. We want to free thousand of families from the matrix, which is a web of debt, and enslave people. We hope to bring them our Financial Matrix night pack of messages  which include information to read, to listen,  and to associate with like minded connectors, wavens, and salesmen. We want them to be aware, to have consciousness of their being a new modern slave of consumption, and to be part of a community of learners, earners, who dare to dream, to set their aim high, and to not wish to win the power ball, but to work as hard as they can to become Power Players, and to live the life they’ve always wanted.
This is not for every body. But every body can. Only a few will.
God bless,


Ban Baldanza, Spirit Airlines ‘ CEO, talks about business and leadership

I attended a recent lecture presented by Spirit Airlines President and CEO Ben Baldanza at the Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova SouthEastern University in Davie, Florida.

Roosevelt Jean-Francois and Ben Baldanza at Nova University
Roosevelt Jean-Francois and Ben Baldanza at Nova University
Baldanza shared his business acumen and day to day experience at Spirit Airlines with hungry listeners composed mostly with Nova business students and professors, some Spirit Airlines employees, and a few guests including myself.
Preston Jones, D.B.A. (doctorate in business administration), dean of Nova Southeastern  University called Baldanza ¨Professor, Professor Baldanza¨ because he  was eloquent, fluent, inspiring, and expressive on a various of topics including culture, business, leadership, strategy, and education.
His prepared power-point presentation included content, data, and pictures about Spirit Airlines which, he said, is one of the leading ultra low-cost carriers in the United States.
Headquartered in Miramar, Florida. Spirit operates scheduled flights throughout the U.S. as well as Latin America, the Caribbean, and Haiti where I’m originally from.
I travel regularly back and forth to Haiti and the Caribbean for my consulting and leadership education business. And most of the time, Spirit Air is my carrier. It fits well my needs.
I buy my tickets on line, preferably 15-22 days in advance searching the least cost as possible. I travel light with my heavy backpack, no carry on, no bag unless my wife urges me to bring stuff to our loved ones back home and to come here with her homeland food. I make sure I pay online and I always have some empty space in my backpack in case of my bag is over 40 pounds.
But, every time I’m at the Fort-Lauderdale counter airport for an early flight to Port-au-Prince, it’s always a nightmare.  A very difficult situation to see some old Haitian ladies and sometimes some younger men as well who only speak Creole to be in emotional discussions with cool headed Spirit Air ticketing agents who only speak English pleading for fees for an unchecked carry on, or a bag which would go up to U$100 a piece.

I asked Baldanza an open question about his company diversity culture in general and Haitian Creole cultural competence in particular, he responded  that there are upcoming initiatives to educate his customers, including Haitians, at the counter about the services. He also mentioned that Spirit ‘s presence on the market has brought more competitive choices for Haitians to travel.
I totally agree with this. This is good. Nonetheless, I’ll be more confortable to see ¨Professor, Professor Baldanza”, and Spirit Airlines move “from good to great”, by providing culturally competent and related educational customer services to the Haitian community.
This  will be coming, he said, announcing some marketing initiatives.  That’s some good news  and I’ll witness it with my very next trip back to Haiti.
Roosevelt Jean-Francois

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Leadership education and the pursuit of happiness!

Let’s start with a simple question: what is the purpose of the study of leadership? Why leadership education matters? A simple answer  to this question is happiness. Yes, the real purpose of the study of leadership is to discover happiness by influencing others in a positive direction. The result of applying principles based-leadership in your life is happiness.

I’m sitting home and I’m happy. My son Jonathan just told me he listened to 4 leadership CD’s for the last two days. He told me what he learned from leaders like Claude Hamilton, Mark Hass, Mark & Jen Paul -top leaders from the Life Leadership Business- about fitness, relationships and making a difference in life.

He just earned 20 dollars. This is the way I compensate my three kids to earn money by being a consumer of leadership education. They  earn  5$ to listen to a leadership/ life CD, $ 10 to read a leadership book; and more to post their own thoughts on their own  blog. I’m happy to connect them to great ideas and to teach them to create their own content and to be part of the leadership revolution.

I was in Columbus, Ohio, last week-end for the the  Winter Leadership Convention. I had an opportunity to listen to a presentation from blogger and Life business co-founder Georges Guzardo about the purpose of the study of leadership.

Guzardo said that if “you take leadership qualities and you apply them in your life, the result is happiness in your life”.

He asked the audience to jot down 5 qualities of a leader. I will ask you the same question. Take a moment, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down 5 qualities you think of a leader.

I’m pretty sure each and every one of us could come with a different set of qualities. For me, the  5 top qualities were the following:

1.- Character

2.- Vision

3.- Responsibility

4.- Commitment

5.- Trust

I know yours will be different from mine. But, can you apply any of these qualities in your family, business, marriage, friendship, community, church, team etc. If you take some of these qualities and you apply them to your marriage, you will have a successful relationship. And what’s the result of a successful marriage: happiness. Happy wife, happy life. Happy spouse, happy house.

the main product of leadership education is one and foremost happiness. Leaders make people happy by influencing them in the right direction.

The most important component of learning is doing. There are two ways of learning: instructing and discovering. The best instructor teaches how to discover and the true discovering is wisdom, Guzardo said.

Instructing leads to a vocational career to earn a living. Discovering leads to a classical liberal education which prepares for LIFE. When we say you are a student of leadership, we mean you allow yourself to have self-discovery, you develop a learning culture, you absorb history and global studies.

Roman philosopher Cicero said historical leadership is the teacher of LIFE.  Historian Carlyle penned that all  is a variety of study of recorded human history.In ancient times, when the Greeks had free times in the afternoon, they met, and called it agora, which is what we call today school. The agora was to generate ideas.

 The best way to access to history and global studies is through reading. Reading helps us to gather information. New information inspires us for hope, life. Then, from inspiration we develop groups of thinkers who create ideas. Ideas lead to innovation and creation. Innovation transforms and creates commerce and prosperity.

Innovation and Commerce travel hands in hands. They create opportunities and prosperity which change living conditions, said Guzardo.

At the end, the result of prosperity is happiness. But, it starts with leadership education, self-discovering, reading, thinking.

It starts with you!


Paul Allen Idea Man… a must read (via Rooseveltjf’s Blog)

 Paul Allen Idea  Man… a must read I just finished reading Paul Allen Idea Man: outstanding memoir of the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. Paul Allen is a billionaire philanthropist whose passion goes from technology, science, space, art, music, sport and LIFE. I knew more about Bill Gates. And my reading of Idea Man helped me discover Paul Allen’s greatness in crafting ideas, making things happen in the world you and I are living today.  This book helps me better understa … Read More

via Rooseveltjf's Blog

Paul Allen Idea Man… a must read

I just finished reading Paul Allen Idea Man: outstanding memoir of the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates. Paul Allen is a billionaire philanthropist whose passion goes from technology, science, space, art, music, sport and LIFE.

I knew more about Bill Gates. And my reading of Idea Man helped me discover Paul Allen’s greatness in crafting ideas, making things happen in the world you and I are living today.

 This book helps me better understand the information revolution for the last 40 years. Paul asked himself a few basic questions which led to his bright ideas and business ventures: “where is the leading edge of discovery headed?’, “what should exist doesn’t yet?” and “how can I create something to help meet, and who might be enlisted to join the crusade?”.

This was in 1969. Paul just met Bill. Physicist Gordon Moore just asserted that chips will double in capacity without raising cost which will become the Moore Law. And this paves the way for ordinary people to have their own computers in their homes and in their offices. This is a time of fundamental change. Computers cease to be the chasse garde of government, corporations and universities.

To make this possible, there should be a language accessible to anyone. And the simple language known at the moment was the BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code).

Paul discovered his calling. He wants to be a programmer. His partnership starts with Bill whom shows three qualities, Paul said. He was really smart, really competitive, really really persistent… able to laugh at himself in almost any circumstance”.  

They became buddies and never stopped thinking about the next business opportunity which led them to TRAF-O-DATA which became later Microsoft.

Microsoft grew tremendously with a group a young people excited about the future, having fun and searching for the next big thing. They believe software and the programming langyage is more important than the machine and the hardware.

Paul said that Bill was more assertive that himself and managed to have 64% of the company and 34% for him. Paul thought his partnership with Bill was based on fairness but Bill puts himself in a position to grab as much as possible of the pie.

Microsoft doubled and tripled in size each year. The partnership diluted. Paul stated that Bill became rude, different. He decided to resign from the day to day operations on June 1, 1982.

Paul mentioned his relationship with his parents who hold him to high standards, to treat people honorably, to stand by your word, and to do something you love.

He had to face some personal challenges: cancer. He was thirty and diagnosed with lymphoma with a fifty-fifty chance to live. He said the business was hugely important but did not define him.

Paul left Microsoft to exploit his new freedom and to pursue new adventures. Life is short, he said, and there was so much out there to do.

He invested in sports buying the basket ball team Portland Trail Blazers led by Clyde Drexler. The team is in the final playoffs against the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan. And Paul affirms Bill gates and Michael Jordan as the most competitive human beings he knows.

He also entered the national Football League with the Seattle Seahawks.

Paul Allen is also known as the Space man with his project SpaceShiftOne to travel people in Space. I personally visited the Kennedy Space Center with my family in Florida, I can say this is a trip I’d like to do. I hope tickets will be on sale some day.

Paul is also a musician. He plays electric guitar Rock n roll. He recent venture is the Human Genome Project which aims at studying the human brain. This brain institute conducts researches on neuro-science and to understand the genetic basis for happiness, love, compassion, memory; and how to face mental ailments such as from Alzheimer and Parkinson to depression and schizophrenia.

Paul Allen is more about significance than success. He’s more what he will leave behind for the betterment of humanity.

Paul Allen Idea man is a must read.