Tiger Woods is back to the top. How his ladder climbing out of a slump can help you climb your own ladder?

I don’t play Golf. I even don’t understand the game in its entirety. If I had to explain it, I would say- and correct me if I am wrong- this is a game played by affluent people who have time, money, and prestige on large pristine green grass open-air courses where they discuss business, politics and make deals. The end result is to stroke a small white ball with a club into some small holes in the ground. Sometimes, I heard 18 or 21 holes.

That’s it. That’s all I know.

I also know that Tiger Wood is a golf famed winner. He went from fame to shame after his character and reputation have been widely gone under water after some personal issues in his life, which have also impacted negatively his professional ability to perform.

This emotional saga associated with physical pains led him wonder, just last year, if he would ever play again. He thought he was done. Now look what he’s done.

Last Sunday, he was able to emerge from the funk and win again. Sport analysts rank his last win as impressive as some of his greatest victories.

in an interview, Woods described what his rock bottom moment was, his dread, and what he did not want.

“Probably the low point was not knowing if I’d ever be able to live pain-free again,” Woods said. “Am I going to be able to sit, stand, walk, lay down without feeling the pain that I was in. I just didn’t want to live that way. This is how the rest of my life is going to be? It’s going to be a tough rest of my life. And so … I was beyond playing. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t lay down without feeling the pain in my back and my leg. That was a pretty low point for a very long time.”

Let me just repeat what kept my attention in this interview:  “It’s going to be a tough rest of my life.”

I go ahead to reflect, think, and ponder about this statement. I put it in perspective, and I pull out a tool, a book I read from the Life Leadership Essentials Series, entitled LADDER, Climbing out of a slump, and to never let a good slump go to waste.


I ask myself what can I learn and share from Tiger Woods’ slump experience. This is a good one to learn from and to not let it go to waste. what can we learn from our slumps and not let them go to waste.

LADDER Climbing out of a Slump, forwarded by Dan Hawkins, a bestselling author, life-coach, and successful entrepreneur, is a book, a tool that will help you discover the art of a slump, and how to take action immediately and effectively.

In my next post, I will share with you the art of climbing a slump, and actions to be taken to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Be well,

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Build confidence, destroy fear, and live the life you want. No regrets!

The following notes are from The Magic of Thinking Big, an outstanding self-development book, published by Dr. David Schwartz.

Fear is real. Fear is psychological. It’s success enemy No 1.

Fear stops people from capitalizing on opportunity; fear wears down physical vitality; fear actually makes people sick, causes organic difficulties, shortens life; fear closes your mouth when you want to speak.


Fear a powerful force.

All confidence is acquired, developed, and nurtured. No one is born with confidence of the world. You take a big step toward conquering fear when you refuse to remember negative, self-deprecating thoughts.

You can conquer fear of people  if you will learn to put them in “proper perspective.”

How do you face your fears?

How do you build your confidence?

Is it true that “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior?”

In other words, “Is it true that the best predictor of what I’ll do next is what I did in the past?”

“Does this formula hold true?”


“The best predictor of my future behavior is what I think about myself, my past and my future. Only when I change thinking will I change my actions and results.”

“My thinking must change if I want my life to change.”

“It’s time to get the old defeatist thoughts out of my brain and replace them with winning thoughts. Because, it’s time for me to think for a change.”

All the above content is from the bestselling author Orrin Woodward from his book The Leadership Train.

Your future is what you think. To change what you think about yourself, you need new information.

Are you a young leader wanting to learn how to make a difference in the world? Or, are you a parent and want to learn how to impact the next generation?

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Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward will discuss important leadership topics related to personal development from their best-selling books, PAiLS and Resolved.


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A great tribute from my guest Shirley Gammage, Certified Life Coach, in loving memories and the true honoring, of her friend, Frederick L. Henderson.

We grew up together as kids and decades later we crossed paths again on 7-4-2018 (your birthday gift from God).

For two months and four days, we talked at least 7 times a day and every day was magical up to the very last time I heard your sweet angelic voice (8-9-2018 at 1:45 am).

When you stroked my hair, touched my face, kissed my forehead and whispered God’s sweet works in my ear, It was obvious and I knew you were God in the flesh sent straight from Heaven. I knew this magic was God reaching through us allowing us to experience “HIS” perfect love.

There were times I saw a glow on your face and an illumination of light around your entire body. I knew immediately this was something much bigger than the both of us.

God, not man, found us worthy enough to use us to “HIS” glory. And “HE’S” not done yet. “He” found me worthy enough to use me to usher you back into “HIS” loving arms happier than you had been in over ten years. That is so like our “GOD”.

For most 20 years is a life time but for my sweet Fred 2 months and 4 days was like a life time to him of happiness.

Some said slow down and take your time. “God” said there is no such thing as time according to “HIS” appointed time. They couldn’t see that it was a “GOD” thing and that’s why they didn’t understand. You are the most beautiful spirited human being I have ever encountered.

You are rare, kind, caring, thoughtful, a great listener, attentive, consistent, selfless, gentle and most of all “BEAMING WITH UNCONDITIONAL TRUE LOVE”. You are the true image of “God” and how unfortunate, they were not able to tell and how unfortunate that many will never experience this perfect love granted to us from “GOD”.

This is how I know God is not finished with this love story and this is why you deserve to be CELEBRATED, REMEMBERED AND HONORED IN TRUTH.

My sweet Fred, NO ONE can take away the beautiful and sweet treasures you placed in my heart. Therefore, it’s comforting to know you are right here with me right now in spirit because I feel your soft, clear, gentle love even before I call to you.

I understand now that you had to answer that “Higher Call”. The call to seek that brand new healthy, happy glorified body to dwell in, find me so we can finish what God started. “OH TASTE AND SEE.” We did and therefore we will KNOW.


Luke: 4:18….I did my part! Did you?

Rest in Peace Frederick L. Henderson (7-1-1960 TO 9-8-2018)


Certified Professional Coach
shirley gammage

“Going Global: Four steps towards becoming an intercultural disciple,” a new book by Joel Lamour, D. Min.

I was delighted to read in a trait the digital version of Joel Lamour’s new book: “Going Global: Four steps towards becoming an intercultural disciple.”
lamour 3Prefaced by Dr. Donald Minshew, Executive Director of Gulf Stream Baptist Association, Lamour invites us to answer the highest call of discipleship which is about the “intentional training of people who voluntarily submit to the lordship of Christ and who want to become imitators of Him in every thought, word, and deed.”
The author presents a new approach, and a new mindset to build communities of faith where every one is welcomed with no regards of race, color, creed, and cultural bias.
Based on this premise, here are the four steps on which Lamour verified his hypothesis of becoming an intercultural disciple:
•    Step 1. A Firm Belief in God’s Image in Humankind.
It is about the image of God in humankind.  This image of God can be substantive, relational, functional based on a survey of different approaches made by specific theologians throughout the ages.
•    Step 2. An Ardent Desire to Understand God’s Mandate.
It is about the commitment of the disciple to understand the mandate, which is rooted in the Word of God. God interacts with humanity in every culture. The disciple shares with others the truth that transforms and uses these truths as the biblical foundations for intercultural ministry.
•    Step 3. A Deep Interest in Intercultural Training.
It deals with theoretical foundations of all intercultural activities. The disciple learns what is necessary to become an intercultural individual. Concepts such as culture, multiculturalism, interculturalism, cultural sensitivity, and cultural awareness are surveyed to help believers understand what it takes to be a competent witness living in a multicultural environment.
•    Step 4.  A Willingness to Bridge Worldviews
it is an introduction to the process of bridging worldviews through a systematic approach of team building, building trust, identifying common ground, developing mutual respect, and cultivating the positive attitude of a leader. This constitutes the leadership foundations for intercultural discipleship.
Lamour’s  book: “Going Global: Four steps towards becoming an intercultural disciple,” is a useful read, and a great tool for those who are the the community building process.
You may access this content online by clicking on this link. The hard copy of this book will be released on September 1st.
lamour 2

Focus more on the inputs, and less on the outputs. They will take care of themselves.

This is what I just learned in reading Seth Godin’s blog post this morning.

Mastery and success come from the preparation, the journey, and the inputs we undertake.

The outputs which are the exciting, more glamorous last step will be there when we follow the right path.

“Almost every element of good bread happens long before it goes into the oven,” Seth Godin said.

Consistent success requires the right discipline to develop positive habits of good preparation.

No short cut. No excuse.

Good preparation. Good habits.

Bird dog diva & connector queen: What a difference a bag and a shirt make!

Mariejo picking up her bag and shirt from Laurie Woodward at the Life Leadership Convention in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I am very proud of my wife to have stepped of her comfort zone to share a shirt 7 minutes videos with friends and family and engage them in conversations about financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Thank you to Laurie Woodward for the opportunity you give to women throughout the world to become the best them they can be.

Laurie Woodward has helped us to turn our “crazy cycles” into “energy cycles” and rewards us for this achievement.