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The Remy’s launched their ministry in South Florida this Sunday. It was a delight to be there!

My delight was at its pic this Sunday morning in Lauderhill, Florida, when I joined my high school friend, Bruner Remy, and his spouse, Cathy Remy, in launching their South Florida ministry : Glory Center Church. 

It is always my pleasure to be part of a kickoff movement. It’s constantly a sublime moment to partake in a commencement, see a dream come to true, initiate a story, and construct a narrative with a community towards a future destination.

This was what I felt this morning when I left home to respond to a cordial invitation from Remy Brumer adressing to his friends living in South Florida.

When I put the address in my GPS, the directions indicated I would be there in 12 minutes from home. It’s pretty close.

It was 9:08 am when I opened the door. The ambiance has already been set. Hymns, gospel songs were crashing out glory, and praise through the speakers.

The audience, mostly women and kids as it is in the black community church in general, responded enthusiastically as a choir with clapping, singing “Alleluia, Amen” accompanied by a systhetizer, and a battery set.

The Remy’s hit the podium with zeal, conviction, and dedication. They were outstanding.

Wearing a traditional swahili kanga, the First Lady, Cathy, introduced her pastor, friend, husband with posture, and grace.

Bruner, in a full long sleeves white kanzu, started with a low tone telling his tale answering “God’s call to be in ministry,” after an elapse of 18 years.

“This was not part of my plan to get involved in active ministry,” he said pointing out that his initial background was in business not in theology.

Desperate for a change

His message was about change. His style was charismatic, enthusiastic, and participative.

“2019 is my year of change,” he proclaimed with a higher voice asking the assembly to repeat after him.

And the assembly repeated sentence after sentence while brother Remy was pacing from left to right from the front.

“This is not my new year resolution, but a change of mindset. This is my attitude adjustment. My attitude determines my altitude.
I am the change I’m seeking for . It’s my time now.”

I was taking notes. I was not part of the repeating squad, but I could feel his vibration, his momentum, and his passion growing into his message that he presented in 4 segments.

  1. Vision. A man without vision is without future. 
  2. Motivation. Disposition . Positive Attitude. Your attitude determines how far you’ll go. Read. Who are motivating you? What you listen to can contaminate you. Get control of your environment.
  3. Action. Do something about it. Not just talking. It’s action time. Just do it. Even if you fail, you’re not a failure.
  4. Persistence. Faith. Persistence breaks resistence. Be prepared for the test, and the pain. No pain no gain.

I could write a blog post about each segment of this content from what I have listened and noted from apostle Bruner Remy. But, I would prefer to give you the opportunity to discover yourself the depht of his sermons.

He quoted the ancient testament from the Kings, the new testament about Jesus minstry as related in the Gospel of Luc. He even repeated ex President Barack Obama telling his fellow citizens to “be the change they want to see,” even if I would prefer to see this csaying attributed to Ghandi.

I was thrilled, pumped, and excited to listen to Brother Remy. Having known him from high school, I can see how he has evolved to become a great speaker, a great man working to leave a legacy for God’s glory.

He had good vocal variety diving a low tone to gather full attention, and climbing to a high pitch to excite his audience. His body movement, gestures, eye contact were on point. He paused when he wanted to make a point, and walked faster when he wanted total command of presence.

I know a good speaker when I saw one. And Remy is a good one.

This is an experience to make. If you are in South Florida next Sunday, I invite you to associate with the Glory Center Church and share your part of twinkling contentment, and soul activating grace.

I also hope that, pretty soon, GCC will have technological ways and means to brodcast its content for a larger audience to stream.

I was so glad to be there at the launching, and enjoyed every drop of the moment.

Keep up!







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  1. Franck Avatar

    Hello dear brother in Christ ! How are you doing ? I was so encouraged by this post. Thanks for sharing this helpful testimony ! Stay encouraged and blessed !

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