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The art of ladder climbing out of a slump in six steps: something needs to change!

The following is part of my underlining notes of my recent re-reading of the book Life Leadership Essentials Series Ladder Clibimg Out Of a Slump that I have been studying for the last two days in the context of the great comeback of Tiger Woods. (Read my yesterday post for more on that.)

Sooner or later, you’re going to go though a slump. Slumps are natural part of life. We’ve all been there, at the end of a tunnel,  or on the verge of failure. When it’s time to climb out of the proverbial hole you have settled in, that when your true strenght and perseverence come out to shine.

“Wake up!” a slump yells at you. It’s time to go deeper, do better, and get going. A slump’s message is telling you that something needs to change.

Stand up, and get going; take charge of your life; keep striving for greatness; embrace the difficult things that will bring real, lasting, postive change.

This book as a tool will help you take action immediately and effectively. It will help you hurdles slumps in the first place.

The art of the Ladder climbing out of a slump consists simply of knowing to accurately hear the real message, and get out of the foxhole by taking the following six steps ladder to the top:

1.- Take Action. Get off the couch and get going.

2.- Plan the right kind of a two-day mini-vacation

3. Release the power of your dreams and motivations.

4.-  Have fun by filling your two-day vacation with positive thoughts, listening to lots of audios, and reading books.

5.- Act fast on your to do list and nail the first day, week, and month after your mini vacation.

6.- Beware of Addictions.

Voila what I read from this material. Let’s unleash the power within us. We all have it. Let’s make our true ascent from the bottom all the way to the top.

But above all, let’s make sure our ladder is leaning against the right wall.

Be well,

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2 responses to “The art of ladder climbing out of a slump in six steps: something needs to change!”

  1. Luc Avatar

    Great post Roosevelt. Very inspiring and packed with action steps.
    Thank you

  2. Roosevelt Avatar

    Thank you. Great, you find this post “inspiring.” Keep up!

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