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Is it true that “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior?”

In other words, “Is it true that the best predictor of what I’ll do next is what I did in the past?”

“Does this formula hold true?”


“The best predictor of my future behavior is what I think about myself, my past and my future. Only when I change thinking will I change my actions and results.”

“My thinking must change if I want my life to change.”

“It’s time to get the old defeatist thoughts out of my brain and replace them with winning thoughts. Because, it’s time for me to think for a change.”

All the above content is from the bestselling author Orrin Woodward from his book The Leadership Train.

Your future is what you think. To change what you think about yourself, you need new information.

Are you a young leader wanting to learn how to make a difference in the world? Or, are you a parent and want to learn how to impact the next generation?

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Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward will discuss important leadership topics related to personal development from their best-selling books, PAiLS and Resolved.

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