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“Going Global: Four steps towards becoming an intercultural disciple,” a new book by Joel Lamour, D. Min.

I was delighted to read in a trait the digital version of Joel Lamour’s new book: “Going Global: Four steps towards becoming an intercultural disciple.”
lamour 3Prefaced by Dr. Donald Minshew, Executive Director of Gulf Stream Baptist Association, Lamour invites us to answer the highest call of discipleship which is about the “intentional training of people who voluntarily submit to the lordship of Christ and who want to become imitators of Him in every thought, word, and deed.”
The author presents a new approach, and a new mindset to build communities of faith where every one is welcomed with no regards of race, color, creed, and cultural bias.
Based on this premise, here are the four steps on which Lamour verified his hypothesis of becoming an intercultural disciple:
•    Step 1. A Firm Belief in God’s Image in Humankind.
It is about the image of God in humankind.  This image of God can be substantive, relational, functional based on a survey of different approaches made by specific theologians throughout the ages.
•    Step 2. An Ardent Desire to Understand God’s Mandate.
It is about the commitment of the disciple to understand the mandate, which is rooted in the Word of God. God interacts with humanity in every culture. The disciple shares with others the truth that transforms and uses these truths as the biblical foundations for intercultural ministry.
•    Step 3. A Deep Interest in Intercultural Training.
It deals with theoretical foundations of all intercultural activities. The disciple learns what is necessary to become an intercultural individual. Concepts such as culture, multiculturalism, interculturalism, cultural sensitivity, and cultural awareness are surveyed to help believers understand what it takes to be a competent witness living in a multicultural environment.
•    Step 4.  A Willingness to Bridge Worldviews
it is an introduction to the process of bridging worldviews through a systematic approach of team building, building trust, identifying common ground, developing mutual respect, and cultivating the positive attitude of a leader. This constitutes the leadership foundations for intercultural discipleship.
Lamour’s  book: “Going Global: Four steps towards becoming an intercultural disciple,” is a useful read, and a great tool for those who are the the community building process.
You may access this content online by clicking on this link. The hard copy of this book will be released on September 1st.
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