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Bird dog diva & connector queen: What a difference a bag and a shirt make!

Mariejo picking up her bag and shirt from Laurie Woodward at the Life Leadership Convention in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I am very proud of my wife to have stepped of her comfort zone to share a shirt 7 minutes videos with friends and family and engage them in conversations about financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Thank you to Laurie Woodward for the opportunity you give to women throughout the world to become the best them they can be.

Laurie Woodward has helped us to turn our “crazy cycles” into “energy cycles” and rewards us for this achievement.







2 responses to “Bird dog diva & connector queen: What a difference a bag and a shirt make!”

  1. Montus Desulma Avatar
    Montus Desulma

    Hi Roosevelt how is everything? thanks for sharing.I’m inviting to be part of “”

  2. Ken Hendon Avatar
    Ken Hendon

    What great pictures! Thanks, Ken and Joan

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