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A moment at Dunkin’ leading a conversation by asking questions!

I was at this Dunkin’ Donuts in Fort Lauderdale this morning for breakfast.

I was in line when the lady at the counter called “Next.”

“Good morning,” she said with a smile asking me what I want to order today.

I replied with a “Good morning” as well before I added:

“Let me have a medium hot coffee with cream and sugar, an egg English muffin, and a coffee cake muffin.”

She repeated my order with her eyes glancing on the screen of her cash register.

“Your total will be $6.50,” she said.

She pulled a foam plastic cup asking me my name, holding a black marker ready to write my name on the cup.

“Roosevelt,” I said.

“Rooseselvellsevelt….,” I heard her replied back to me.

I repeated my name and she said “ok. Is this the way you write it?” showing me what you see on the above picture.

I answered “this is the way you… you write it.”

At this moment, the coffee was more important to me than a spelling bee on my name. I agreed on her writing and wanted to have my cup of coffee.

Her coworker who was on her left pouring coffee told her the coffee pot does not have enough to fill my medium size cup.

She told me ” there’s not enough coffee. Would you take this as it is  pointing the half full cup at me.”

“If you were in my place, would you take it like that?,” I asked her.

She smiled, typed something on her screen, and told me “if it’s free, would you take it.”

I smiled and eased up asking her the same question repeating her name which I read on her badge “Karen, if you were in my place, would you take it?”

She said “yes, of course… why not.”

I said “ok, you decide.”

She handed me the bag with the muffins, the coffee telling me my order is 4.93.

I paid her and said “Thank you.”







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